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Why Does Burning Wood & Burning Fossil Fuels Produce Similar Pollutants?
by Disco_TechnoStu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Humans have burned wood for energy since prehistory. In more modern times, however, wood has largely been supplanted by fossil fuels. Although fossil fuels, unlike wood, are a nonrenewable resource, burning both wood and fossil fuels can release some of the same pollutants. This similarity stems from the nature of the chemical reactions that take place when burning these fuels for energy. Combu

Coal Burning Hydronic Furnace Vs. Wood Burning
by David Marchant in Home & Garden
Hydronic heating is a type of radiant heating that evenly distributes heat throughout a home, while wood burning only distributes heat near the area of the wood stove. There are several additional differences between the two. Coal Burning Hydronic FurnaceBurning coal in a hydronic furnace lasts longer than burning wood, meaning you don't have to refuel quite as much. Coal is less eco-friendly,

The Difference Between Pro DVD Burning & Home DVD Burning
by ISAslot in Electronics
With DVD-burning technology available on most computers, you now have a choice as to whether to make DVDs at home or use a professional service to burn them. You will want to consider a few things when deciding on do it yourself or professionally. Cost ComparisonUsing a professional service to make DVDs will vary depending on the number of copies you want made. The cost to make DVDs at home dep

Comparison of Wood Pellet Burning Stoves to Corn Burning Stoves
by Munir in Home & Garden
Both wood pellet and corn pellet stoves have appeal as environmentally friendly home heating options. Both types of units are available in a wide range of styles and colors, take up approximately the same amount of space and installation costs are also comparable. The overall cost of corn or wood pellets is cheaper than a comparable amount of gas, oil, propane or electric heating, although pellet

Is Catalpa Wood Good for Burning in Wood Burning Stoves?
by TheMoo in Home & Garden
Catalpa is a softwood tree that grows very rapidly and can attain a height of 100 feet. It is native to Mississippi, but can be seen in many colder northern U.S. states as well, like Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. Traditionally, it has been used for fence posts and railings, as well as for handcrafted outdoor furniture. Because of its abundant supply in some areas, it has also been used as fuel for

How to Tell If a Car Is Burning Oil
by Imaginer in Cars
Part of the responsibility of car ownership is to maintain your car. Brakes, tires and oil changes are basic maintenance issues. It is easy to tell if your car needs tires, and if the brakes are bad, the car will not stop as it should or will make a noise. While you can monitor oil changes can by the car's odometer or by the calendar, it is more difficult to tell if your car is burning oil.Difficu
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What Is CD Burning?
by iyogee in Computers
In the early 2000s, personal computers frequently contained a CD drive that was capable of creating as well as reading these discs. Today, this functionality is available with combination CD/DVD drives. Whether you want to create a custom CD, share photographs with loves ones or back up the contents of your computer, CD burning is one option. DefinitionBurning refers to the creation of informat
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What is the Cause of a Car Burning Oil?
by Caveman in Cars
There are a variety of reasons why a car or truck may be burning oil, most of them related to wear and tear on valves and seals around the engine. Most of them can be prevented with regular maintenance. Bad Valve SealsIf valve seals on the cylinder head go bad, oil will be allowed to flow down into the combustion chamber and will be burned.
Worn Valve GuidesThe valves are guided by a chamber
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CD Burning FAQ
by ec888 in Computers
Copying data to a compact disc is a convenient method for storing music, photos or other large computer files. The act of copying files is often called "burning a CD." CD TypesA CD-R is designed for creating a playable music CD or for storing files. A recorded CD-R cannot be altered. A CD-RW disc is meant for multiple writing or updating.
CD CapacityEnsure the data to be written is less than
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What Are the Causes of Oil Burning in a Car?
by Stjepan in Cars
There's really only one reason for oil to be burning in a car. An internal combustion engine runs very hot, hotter than the burning temperature for motor oil. If oil comes into contact with the hot parts of the engine, that oil will burn. The more useful question is: Why is my oil coming into contact with those hot parts of the engine? LeaksThe most common reason for oil to end up on the hot pa

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