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how to create call accept and reject buttons similar to default buttons in android
by Ichinisan in Android

I want to create call accept and reject buttons looks similar to default buttons and having functionality same
pls. answer it

Reading to a xml file, to save new buttons, then read from that xml to show new buttons when program reloads
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

In my program I have eight buttons to begin with at the start (each of these representing a light in the house). The user is able to add a new button (light) to the program. I have these in a FlowLayoutPanel(FLP) and every time the program closes it saves the current state of the form, including position of the FLP its Height and Width and the current information of the buttons (including their

Foreach loop to create 100 buttons, painting all buttons at same time as to prevent flicker
by vvv in Programming Languages

In my minesweeper game I need to dynamically create controls in order to shift between easy - medium - hard. Let's say for the sake of the question hard consists of 100 buttons.

This is how I'm creating them:

this.SuspendLayout(); //Creating so many things that I assume it would be faster to suspend and resume.
foreach (string i in playingField)

how to make UI items such as buttons and radio buttons resizable depending on size of the window?
by YooperDave in Programming Languages

I have a winform application which contains a window resizable but one requirement is all UI items in the window should be resized according to size of the window. How can I achieve that?

Layoutinflator inflates mulitple buttons, how to make all others buttons invisible on click
by Hugo in Programming Languages

I have the following issue, I inflate a layout which includes 2 buttons. The onClick method works fine and everything runs smoothly. However I would like to make both buttons that are inflated each time invisible once one of those two is being clicked. I know how to make the button invisbile that was clicked however I find no way of making the corresponding button invisible. Any help is greatly

how to make jqgrid toolbar buttons same size as standard jquery ui-buttons
by Ali in Web Design

jqgrid with jquery ui Redmond theme is used.

Top level toolbar contains standard add, delete etc buttons and custom buttons created like

$grid = $("#grid");
$grid.jqGrid("navGrid", "#grid_toppager", {
search: true,
del: true,
add: true,
refresh: true,
edit: true } );

AutoHotKey switch some lowercase and upperkeys buttons, duplicated buttons identification
by Ansari in Programming Languages

I'm a java developer and need some buttons to have switched cases.

As example:

[ should be { and vice versa, SHIFT{ should be [ (Because I need { more often than [)

9 should be ( and vice versa SHIFT( should be 9

I've tried some variations, but all stack

50% Transparent background of Navigation Buttons, Segment buttons in iPad and iPhone
by debuke in Mobile Programming

Is there a way to customize navigation button, segment button background like iBooks?

Check out iBooks shelf top left corner. the button background is about 50% transparent.
What a pretty!

Any one konw how to emplement it?

All Regards

Hover over image to show buttons and don't trigger when hovering over actual buttons
by Soccer55 in Web Design

I'm trying to get buttons to appear when hovering over an image. The following works:

jQuery('.show-image').mouseenter(function() {
opacity: 1
}, 1500);
}).mouseout(function() {
opacity: 0
}, 1500);

However, when moving from the ima

How to enable navigation buttons of jQuery grid in mvc3 and assign buttons to specific links?
by Martin Dobrev in Programming Languages

I have read some topic regarding with my question but there code doesn't work for me. Honestly, I'm not good in jQuery.

I have this working views and controller, but it has a lot disadvantages that is why I switch to using jQuery grid.

Working code (not using jQuery grid):

@using Custom.Helpers
@model IEnumerable<Models.DeviceMVC>

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