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Twisted Pair Cable Vs. Coaxial Cable Vs. Fiber Optics Cable
by SpunkyJones in Electronics
Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable are three media commonly used in wired networks. The popularity of each type has varied over time. The most common form of cable currently in use in networks is the unshielded twisted pair. Unshielded Twisted PairThe most widely implemented standards for the physical properties of networks is the Ethernet set of standards published by the

Difference Between Cable Tray Cable & Underground Conduit Cable
by Andrés León Álvarez in Computers
Cabling exists in large numbers within virtually every modern home and business. These cables carry communications, data, power and more. Businesses especially need a way transport data from different pieces of equipment. This web of cabling is usually kept out of site. Hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors, these cables remain virtually invisible. For commercial and industrial structures the c

How to Connect a Cable Modem Through a DSL Cable Vs. a USB Cable
by Matt in Computers
When you are installing a cable modem, you might be confused as to how to install it. In many cases, you have the option of either a USB connection or a DSL cable connection. There is no intrinsic difference in most cases between the two, and you only connect with one of the two, never with both. Even a novice computer user can complete this process.Difficulty:EasyInstructions A USB cable.usb 3

How to Use a Parallel Cable, Serial Cable or USB Cable
by sorcerermerlin in Computers
Parallel, serial and USB cables are all used in the exact same way. The cables connect outside hardware to a computer system. Although newer computers focus mostly on USB data cables, older systems use parallel and serial cables. These cable connections are larger than USBs and have a series of pins that insert into the connection. All three connections require you to install drivers for the conne

How to Connect Two Computers to Time Warner Cable High Speed Cable Online
by Nulq in Computers
Connecting two computers to the Time Warner Cable high speed Internet service requires the use of a router. Routers come in different varieties, each with their own set of capabilities. With a router connected to the Time Warner Cable Internet service, two or more computers can access the Internet simultaneously. Most routers designed for home networking include wireless capabilities, as well as a

How to Connect a Qam Tuner With Coaxial Cable Input for Rogers Digital Cable
by Deledrius in Electronics
QAM is short for quandrature amplitude modulation and is an encoded method used by many digital cable companies, including Rogers cable. When using a cable receiver from the company you are able to directly hook up the equipment to a coaxial cable tuner on the television set. This is an older connection not often used any more as it does not provide the same audio and video quality as other, newer

What Is the Difference Between a Coax Cable & an HDMI Cable in Picture Quality?
by Guilherme Costa in Electronics
High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables and coaxial cables are equally important in a home theater system. The picture quality differences between the two cables have less to do with the cables themselves than the manner in which the connected equipment sends signals over those wires. However, HDMI and coaxial cables are deployed with modern gear in ways that must be considered prior

The Advantage of Fiber-optic Cable over Copper-core Cable
by Gábor in Computers
Digital computer traffic can travel over fiber-optic or copper-core cable. But the type of signal produced determines which to use. A copper cable only carries electronic waves, and a fiber-optic cable only carries light waves. The two are not interchangeable, and the fiber-optic cable has several advantages over the copper. More InformationCoaxial cables carry electromagnetic waves.Hemera Tech

How to Convert an XM Home Dock Output Cable to an 8 Pin Mini DIN Cable
by BOOTYMONSTER in Electronics
The XM Home Dock allows you to "dock" the XM Satellite Radio from your automobile into a Home Dock and listen to your favorite satellite radio channels through your home audio system. The XM Home Dock connects to your home audio system or stereo with standard RCA cables. If you want to listen to XM Radio via an audio system that requires an 8 Pin Mini DIN Cable connection, you will need to adapt y

How to Put a Monster Xbox 360 GameLink Cable in a Component Video A/V Cable
by Rob B in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Monster is known for developing high-quality HD cables for televisions and even game consoles. The Monster GameLink 360 Video A/V Cable is for any Xbox 360 owner who wants to take advantage of their TV's HD settings and has an A/V input. The cables can display up to 1080i resolution and are sold by many major retailers.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Monster GameLink 360 video

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