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jquery and jsp - still saving in cache even cache:false and response.setHeader(“Cache-Control”, “no-cache”)
by Francois in Web Design

I have a problem. I still can see that my cache is still increasing after I have placed this codes on my jsp.

<% response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache"); %>

and in my javascript/jquery which resides on the same jsp:

function waitForMsg() {
type: "GET",
url : contextPath + "/groupChat",
Differences of pragma: no-cache and Cache-Control: no-cache
by M0dusFRee in Programming Languages

I have two identical instances of the Java EE Application deployed in two different servers. However, in server A (HTTP, pragma: no-cache), page refreshes fine while in server B (HTTPS, Cache-Control: no-cache), page refreshes with old data retained. I'm curious about the difference since it's the only obvious difference in the headers sent.

Cache-Control: 'private' makes 'no-cache=“set-cookie”' unnecessary?
by Josh Freed in Network & Servers

My reading of the definition of the 'private' directive for the Cache-Control header is that it will prevent any part of the response from being cached by intermediate proxies. So based on that, it sounds like if I'm using the 'private' directive then there's no need to also use a 'no-cache="set-cookie"' directive to tell intermediate proxies to suppress caching of the Set-Cookie header.

Clear IE cache when using AJAX without a cache busting querystring, but using http response header
by dunlop in Development Tools & Services

I'm having the classic IE-caches-everything-in-Ajax issue. I have a bit of data that refreshes every minute.

Having researched the forums the solutions boil down to these options (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5997857/grails-best-way-to-send-cache-headers-with-every-ajax-call):

add a cache-busting token to the query string (like ?time=[timestamp])
send a HTTP resp

nhibernate memcache second-level cache multiple query cache regions, evictions
by kharakawa in Coding

Does the NHibernate-MemCache second-level cache stack support multiple query cache regions? If so, can I evict one query cache region without it clearing out cached queries in another region?

Some context: We're trying to optimize search results for entities based on two key attributes: location and type. Each query for a specific location and type gets its own query cache region

ASIHTTPRequest Download cache problem - unable to save/load date in cache
by fedorafennec in Mobile Programming

I am trying to save data into cache using ASIHTTP (http://allseeing-i.com/ASIHTTPRequest/How-to-use#using_a_download_cache). I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it seems not to be storing data into cache. The output of the following code is this:

2010-08-12 15:44:13.801 TabBar[51728:207] Success is YES
2010-08-12 15:44:13.802 TabBar[51728:207] Success is NO

how to disable created cache files at cache/dwoo/compiled folder on codeigniter?
by JSebok in Programming Languages

I've got serious problem with my storage on web hosting because of a lot of cache files that created on at cache/dwoo/compiled folder. I developed my website using codeigniter framework. I want to disable this feature (auto created cache files at cache/dwoo/compiled folder), because it using a lot of space on my storage. thanks..

by the way, sorry for my bad english :p

Hibernate query cache - for objects not in the 2nd level cache - risky? useful? bad practice?
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Coding

Related to this question


These are my assumptions, based on my reading, experience and understanding, they may be wrong, if they are, please comment and I'll edit the question.

Query cache is good mostly along with 2nd level cache
Query cache caches the identifiers results of queries + parameters
Query cache is risky if the database was chang

How can I cache all view user requests so If the same request is made again it is fetched from cache
by Mutilator in Network & Servers

I have rather big application with lots of documents and lots of different view controls.

To speed up things and avoid unnecessary view and view search requests I would like to cache the already requested documents or view entries so if users do the same request again the repeats first looks in the cache.

I am thinking about writing a generic function that stores all r

Cache Notification config not working in Windows Azure Cache Preview
by ugufugu in Programming Languages

I'm trying to set up a Windows Azure Cache Preview implementation, but I'm running into problems getting the local cache configuration to work. Here is my current config:

<tracing sinkType="DiagnosticSink" traceLevel="Error" />
<dataCacheClient name="default" requestTimeout="30000"

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