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Are Rose::DB::Object::Cached memory cached through different processes?
Category : Programming Languages

Are RDBOC objects cached through different processes? I'm thining of running it in mod-perl, and it would factor into things, even though it would mostly be used on things that don't change (much).

Also, do relationships referencing RDBOCs use the cache when it should intuitively?

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An object as a private data member inside another object, is it cached when parent cached?
Category : Network & Servers

I have an object like this:
class Obj_A{
private $_obj_child;
public function child(){
return $this->_obj_child;
So, if I use $x= new Obj_A,

$x->_obj_child is not accessible.

Instead, I need to use

$y= $x->child() can get all data in child object

In my cache fu

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After injecting html, a cached jQuery selector gives different result from non-cached selector
Category : Web Design
Found the solution! Don't bother creating an answer

Turns out I was injecting the html twice - once before creating the selectors, and then, due to some unfinished refactoring, a second time; thus overwriting the relevant parts of the DOM. The cached selectors were still referencing the old DOM part, though, and so kept it from being garbage collected. Changing the old part had, of course,

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Scripts fail when jQuery.js isn't cached. When cached, scripts run fine
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have jQuery UI Tabs which load their content via AJAX. About once every 15 times when the entire page is loaded (not just XHR), things fail and I don't see the proper content in the tab.

Fiddler showed me that when things fail I also see that jQuery.js and jQuery-ui.js are both sent to the browser in full (~100kB). Normally, a page load results in HTTP status code 304 for both o

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is Yii::app()->name cached on yii?
Category : Programming Languages

is Yii::app()->name cached on yii? Is it good to use it regularly? I decided to use a custom page title on my layout and i use it something like this on my controller.

$this->pageTitle = Yii::app()->name . ":" . $action

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Cached XML for PHP?
Category : PHP

I have a custom PHP framework and am discovering the joys of storing configuration settings as human-readable, simple XML.

I am very tempted to introduce XML (really simple XML, like this)

<button action="back" label="Back"/>
<button action="new" label="New item"/>

in a number of plac

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Does jQuery $(this) need to be cached
Category : Network & Servers

I recently came accross some blog posts about jQuery performance (i.e. http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/10-ways-to-instantly-increase-your-jquery-performance/) and it was stated in all of them that we should cache the jQuery objects to javascript variables.

What I need to know, though, is if this applies to $(this) as well.
Am I going to gain in performance if

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Do FilterAttributes Get Cached In ASP.NET MVC?
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have an issue with HTTPS and HTTP. It seems my filterattribute is being cached. When I login, it should automatically send none http pages to https, which it does. Then when I logout it stays on https which is fine, but if I try to manually go to a non http page, it redirects to a https page again even though I am logged in. The RequireSecure is always true because my logging info says it

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How to transform a cached XML via XSL?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a PHP script that caches a remote XML file. I want to XSL transform it before caching, but don't know how to do this:

// Set this to your link Id
$linkId = "0oiy8Plr697u3puyJy9VTUWfPrCEvEgJR";
// Set this to a directory that has write permissions
// for this script
$cacheDir = "temp/";
$cachetime = 15 * 60; // 15 min

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css files not getting cached
Category : Web Design

We are using IBM HTTP server as our web server. Whenever a request is sent to homepage, browser is caching all static files like js or images except CSS.

Why is it caching JS files which are also static but not CSS?

Below are the request and response headers for CSS:

Status Code:200 OK
**Request Headersview**

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