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Are Rose::DB::Object::Cached memory cached through different processes?
by Justin Chen in Programming Languages

Are RDBOC objects cached through different processes? I'm thining of running it in mod-perl, and it would factor into things, even though it would mostly be used on things that don't change (much).

Also, do relationships referencing RDBOCs use the cache when it should intuitively?

An object as a private data member inside another object, is it cached when parent cached?
by bhupesh in Network & Servers

I have an object like this:
class Obj_A{
private $_obj_child;
public function child(){
return $this->_obj_child;
So, if I use $x= new Obj_A,

$x->_obj_child is not accessible.

Instead, I need to use

$y= $x->child() can get all data in child object

In my cache fu

After injecting html, a cached jQuery selector gives different result from non-cached selector
by KompuKare in Web Design
Found the solution! Don't bother creating an answer

Turns out I was injecting the html twice - once before creating the selectors, and then, due to some unfinished refactoring, a second time; thus overwriting the relevant parts of the DOM. The cached selectors were still referencing the old DOM part, though, and so kept it from being garbage collected. Changing the old part had, of course,

Scripts fail when jQuery.js isn't cached. When cached, scripts run fine
by Paratus in Development Tools & Services

I have jQuery UI Tabs which load their content via AJAX. About once every 15 times when the entire page is loaded (not just XHR), things fail and I don't see the proper content in the tab.

Fiddler showed me that when things fail I also see that jQuery.js and jQuery-ui.js are both sent to the browser in full (~100kB). Normally, a page load results in HTTP status code 304 for both o

Cached XML for PHP?
by Jon Riegel in PHP

I have a custom PHP framework and am discovering the joys of storing configuration settings as human-readable, simple XML.

I am very tempted to introduce XML (really simple XML, like this)

<button action="back" label="Back"/>
<button action="new" label="New item"/>

in a number of plac

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is Yii::app()->name cached on yii?
by demetris in Programming Languages

is Yii::app()->name cached on yii? Is it good to use it regularly? I decided to use a custom page title on my layout and i use it something like this on my controller.

$this->pageTitle = Yii::app()->name . ":" . $action
TAGS : name cached

can widgets be cached?
by Henry in Network & Servers

Is there a way to cache widgets. For example if you place your widgets on high volume websites then each time when someone access that site, a call will be made to your server to get the widget code. This way my server can get too much overloaded just to display the widget . Can I cache the widget HTML code and place it on some server like Akamai. Any suggestions or tips highly appreciated.

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FDF cached in Adobe/IE9
by DeadFred in Programming Languages

we have been filling PDFs from our site by streaming an FDF to browser for many years. When a user clicks on several different PDF forms within our site, we generate an FDF with the same filename (e.g. - "XYZ.FDF") and return to the browser. The URL/path to the PDF is inside the text of the FDF file. So even though the browser is always sent XYZ.FDF, the contents inside are slightly differen

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ASP.NET MVC 2 controller not cached
by AdamK47 in Network & Servers

I have amaster page that calls render action:

<% Html.RenderAction("CategoryList", "Category", new { selectedCategoryId = Model.selectedCategoryId }); %>

and the action looks like:

[OutputCache(Duration = 10, VaryByParam = "none")]
public ActionResult CategoryList(int? selectedCategoryId)

git fatal: when trying git rm --cached
by Jeremy Pinnix in Development Tools & Services

Hi When trying to switch between branch, I have a error:

error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout:
Please move or remove them before you can switch branches.

but when I try to use

git rm --cached Project/.project

I get a error:


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