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How to Convert a Ferret Cage Into a Rat Cage
by green in Pets
Rats and ferrets are both curious, active animals who need plenty of space to thrive. Both animals love to climb and explore. Many cages sold in pet stores as "starter" homes are simply too small to comfortably house grown rats. Rats are happiest with other rats and should be kept in same-sex pairs or groups. Often, rat owners turn to ferret cages to house their critters. Ferret cages ar

M6 Cage Nuts Vs. Clip Cage Nuts
by Cornflex in Culture & Society
Fasteners are an important part of any assembly job, whether you're building an aircraft or putting together heavy duty machinery for the manufacturing industry. Clip cage nuts and M6 cage nuts are two fasteners used in a variety of applications. While often interchangeable, there are both differences and similarities between these two different types of extremely strong nuts. M6 Cage NutThe M6

How to Get a Cat Into a Cage
by ussballantyne in Pets
The cat carrier. Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of a cat --- or his human --- than the sight of that dreaded cat-sized plastic cage. But getting a cat into a cage does not have to be a battle. All it takes is some preparation, confidence and a positive attitude. Here are some suggestions for getting your cat packed up and ready to travel.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Y
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How to Buy a Dog Cage
by arbeitandy in Pets
A dog cage is not just for outside use. It's also a good idea for inside use. If you have a dog, you may have considered buying a dog cage. Here's how to buy and use a dog cage for your canine family member.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Determine the size of the dog cage you'll need. Dog cages come in sizes ranging from miniature poodle size to Labrador retriever size. Small dogs do be
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How to Keep a Dog in a Cage During the Day
by Granville Barnett in Pets
Anyone who has come home to scratched sofas, slobbered shoes, knocked over lamps and urine-stained carpets knows what it means to be a dog owner. By starting early and gradually, crate training can make for a more peaceful existence with your pooch. As a natural den animal, the dog will begin to see the crate as a safe area.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Set Up a Pet Rat Cage
by Serbia in Pets
Pet rats are fun pets to have. If properly set up and cared for, they can provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment. Setting up a rat's cage is not very hard. There are some essential things that your rat will need in the cage.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Choose a cage for your rat. Rats can grow rather large, so you will not want to get a small cage. The bigger the cage the better.
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My Dog Is Afraid of His Cage
by beebob in Pets
A new dog will not immediately take to his crate or cage. Acclimating your pet to his new home is key to making him comfortable, and leaving him safe when you have to leave the house. The main thing you want to avoid is making your dog feel as though he is being placed in his crate as punishment. This will only lead to increased stress for him, and more problems for you when he resists being place
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How to Cage a Tomato
by Comfly in Home & Garden
Tomato plants usually grow to 4 to 6 feet tall, with some varieties growing up to 12 feet. Tomato plants require support because they are leafy and delicate, while the fruit they produce is heavy. If tomato plants are not properly supported, the fruit either will sink to the ground and rot, or break the tomato branches. Tomato cages provide needed support to tomato plants.Difficulty:Moderately Eas
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What to Use Instead of a Tomato Cage
by Christopher Harris in Home & Garden
Some tomatoes are small, compact plants, while others will grow large and lush, and a few will threaten to cover your entire garden plot. But all varieties need to be staked up to keep the ripening fruit off the ground. If you find standard store-bought cages too wimpy for your Best Boys, or too expensive for your penny-pinching, MacGyver-esque tendencies, you have other choices. CRW TubesThe s

Do it Yourself Batting Cage
by Alec in Home & Garden
Building a batting cage of your own can be a rewarding way to spend quality family time on any budget. But before you begin, extensive planning is necessary, such as deciding on a location for your cage, its size, and what kind of components you'll want to add. Familiarizing yourself with the general structure of a batting cage is also recommended before building. Designating a SpaceThere are e


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