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How to calculate the cost of calculations in CPU vs. cost of sending the data to GPU+performing calculations+getting data back?
by gnirpaz in Development Tools & Services

How to calculate the cost of calculations in CPU vs. cost of sending the data to GPU+performing calculations+getting data back?

Calculations for the CPI & SPI
by dcutting in Business
Project managers use several types of calculations and indicators to measure the progress of a project. Each project is planned with a schedule of work to be completed and the cost of the work scheduled. Throughout the project, measuring the cost and schedule performance indexes tells the project managers if the project is on schedule or if adjustments need to be made. Cost Performance IndexCo
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How to Use VBA for Calculations
by AnthonyC in Computers
VBA is a programming language developed by Microsoft. VBA serves as the macro programming language for many Microsoft Products, including Office. The language is designed for beginners and is simple and easy to learn. Although less complicated, it still contains some of the same constructs found in other programming languages, such as conditional statements, classes, variables, functions and arith
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Calculations for ERP
by gorbiz in Computers
Calculations for ERP (Effective Radiated Power) are used in microwave engineering. These calculations help to determine free-space loss and receiver-input power. These field calculations are based on the transmitter antenna gain above a dipole (dBd). Calculations for ERP are based on the presumption that all calculations are related in value by dBd. Calculate ERPThe basic equation for ERP is ba
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SEP IRA Calculations
by MeldarthX in Personal Finance
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a form of tax-beneficial retirement account allowed under the Internal Revenue Code in the United States. SEP IRAs allow for employers to make large tax-free contributions to their own retirement accounts and the retirement accounts of their employees. Because SEP IRA contribution limits are based on income, the calculati
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W-2 Tax Calculations
by vferman in Personal Finance
If you work for an outside employer, your employer must withhold federal and state taxes from your paycheck each pay period. Your W-2 reflects your withholdings for the entire year. Use these amounts to calculate your tax refund or tax owed for the year. You can use an online withholding calculator (see Resources) to determine how much tax you are likely to pay through withholdings. FactorsHow
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sed calculations
by Anthony Perkins in Programming Languages

I want to parse a css file and multiply each pixel value by (2/3). I was wondering if this was possible with sed? I know this is incorrect syntax but i think it'll bring home the explanation of what i want to achieve:

sed -e "s|([0-9]*)px|int((1 * 2)/3)|g" file.css

So basically I want to take 1, multiply it by (2/3) and cast to and int. Or maybe it's more

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Calculations within SQL
by CRaul87 in Databases

I am looking for answers that are valid on SQL SERVER 2000 please!
I have a table in SQL that is like

Jan hours
Employee 1 Regular 10
Employee 1 Overtime 10
Employee 1 Vacation 1
Employee 2 Regular 15
Employee 2 Overtime 15
Employee 2 Vacation 1


How can I use a map for calculations?
by jch in Programming Languages

I'm working on a program for class. Using a TreeMap to store IDs (String - Key) and earnings amounts (double - value). I'm importing the values from a text file using a Scanner. My problem at the moment is that I need the values to accumulate rather than overwriting with the last value read. So my question is how do you use a Map to do calculations like that? Any help would be appreciated

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BTU Calculations
by highland145 in Home & Garden
Air conditioners and heaters the temperature of a given area by respectively removing or adding heat. The British thermal unit (BTU) is the measurement most commonly used to determine the amount of energy needed to change the climate in an enclosed area. The rating for a unit is typically expressed in BTUs per hour and there are several factors to consider when calculating which unit is best-sui
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