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On Snow Leopard, why is -[<ABImageClient> consumeImageData:forTag:] not being called after [ABPerson beginLoadingImageDataForClient:] is called?
by krs in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to load image date for person entries in the shared ABAddressBook. In particular, I'm calling

-[ABPerson beginLoadingImageDataForClient:]

and passing as the argument an object which adopts ABImageClient and implements

-[<ABPersonClient> consumeImageData:forTag:]

The approach I'm

Jquery event binding won't work when called as a method but will when called directly in console
by stephenbennyhat in Web Design

I have a maddening problem. I have a table that contains rows consisiting of text inputs and selects. I have custom method I have definied that when called in the code, or in the console, it does not bind the click event any of the selects. Only the text inputs. However, if I copy and paste the code of the method directly in the console, it works just fine. Below is my code.


PHP foreach stack - is it possible that functions called in a for each loop are still running when the next iteration is called
by FodderMK in Development Tools & Services

I am having problems with cURL not being able to connect to a server that returns an xml feed and am not sure if my code is stacking up and causing the problem. Is it possible the final function called in this foreach loop is still running when the next loop iteration comes round.

Is it possible to make sure all functions in the loop complete before the next iteration begins, or doe

PHP function is automatically called when page loads, instead of being called through onclick event
by nseibert in Web Design

I'm trying to redirect users of a web page to one of two different pages, depending on which of two buttons they click. My approach was to link each onclick event to a javascript function, which would in turn call a php function which uses the header() function to redirect to the appropriate page. Unfortunately, the latter of the two php functions, namely insertIntoTable(), is being called auto

jquery dialog opens when called from one function only does'nt open when called from other functions
by ews in Programming Languages

I'm calling a dialog that says "Please wait while the page is loading.." from differnt functions. The dialog opens up fine when called one function(working function) but doesn't open when called from other functions(clearAll) on the same page. The other function executes fine but just the dialog doesn't appear. Any ideas whats going wrong ? Thanks

$(document).ready(function() {

“echo -e” when called directly and when called via a shell-script
by Ka0t1x in Programming Languages

I've noticed echo behaves slightly differently when called directly

root$echo "line1

and when called via a script:

#! /bin/sh
echo "line1

The first case would print:


, while the latter would print


Javascript function not called when aspx page is called using ajax call
by Milander in Web Design

I am dynamically loading user control .ascx file in .aspx page using LoadControl.
In .ascx page I am making ajax call and calling an .aspx page.
Sample code is as follows

$(document).ready(function () {
("#TestDiv").load("TestPage.aspx", function (response, status, xhr) {
if (status == "error")
//some code

iOS iPad App: Delegates not called for ViewController with two UIScrollViews and a UIPageControl (delegate functions for paging NOT CALLED)
by RKelln in Operating Systems

For my iPad App, I have a main ViewController which contains two UIScrollviews and a UIPageControl.
The Problem is that the delegates for the paging are not getting called.
Here is the layout:

Selecting a button in the lower thumbScrollView needs to update the image in the mainScrollView (this works) Swiping the thumbScrollView or picking a dot on the pageCont

How to enforce one method in WCF Rest to be called via https, while others can be called over http
by kema in Programming Languages

Is there a way in a WCF Rest Service implementation to require one method be called over https, while allowing others to be called over http or https without having to define two service endpoint bindings? I want to be able to do something in my service implementation such as:

if (CalledOverHttps()) {
//Do Stuff
} else {
throw new WebOperationException("Nice

onDraw not being called in custom view even though setWillNotDraw(false) is called
by micaleel in Programming Languages

So i have a custom view called Square which I want to add in a table.
When I replace my squares with text views it works perfectly.

I searched quite a bit online and found that I should call setWillNotDraw(false) in the constructor. I did this to no result.

Here is my class Square:

public class Square extends View
private String cours

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