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Button Onclick calls Javascript which calls a PHP file which adds to a Mysql database
Category : Javascript

I need help with adding to a database.
I want to call a javascript scrt from a button click method.
The Javascript Script, I want to call upon a php file which contains some code that adds to a MySQL Database.

I literally tried over 20+ website and No help with the stuff.

If AJAX would be better Could you help me?

The Button Code:


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nservicebus useage based on syncronous calls or reliable low response time calls
Category : Programming Languages

I got stuck with an approach that the team and I am trying to employ and are not sure if it is the correct way of looking at the problem.

The problem is:

We have a web application with multiple WCF services running in the background. Think of it as Process 1, process 2, process 3 and process 4.

Now the scenario is that we would be invoking the process 1 from

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Long lived CTCallCenter instance shows no calls and never calls event handler
Category : Operating Systems

I have a CTCallCenter instance created (alloc/init) after launch. The event handler is never called (neither an NSLog nor a breakpoint fire). If I ask it later about current calls it returns nil. If I call [[[CTCallCenter alloc] init] currentCalls] at the same time then it does return the calls.

As an example while a call is active (I brought the app back to the foreground and a

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jQuery $.ajax calls executing synchronously instead of concurrently on calls to WCF service
Category : Programming Languages

I have a web application that contains a page with a form that has hundreds of fields on it. Changing any of the fields fires a jQuery $.ajax call back to the server to determine if any other fields need to be added to the form based on it's new value. In other words, it checks to see if any dependent fields need to be added to the form when one field changes.

There is a bit of comp

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Does the recent side channel hack of asp.net affect ajax calls. If so can I not use status codes to respond to my calls
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I currently use custom error codes when something goes wrong with my Jquery Ajax calls.

Does this new security issue mean I have to stop using this method for passing information back to my app.


Is it still possible to pass decent error messages, or is it just one

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JNI calls interleaved with regular Java calls - what is the execution order?
Category : Java

I have been experimenting with JNI recently, in order to port some existing C++ libraries.

As part of my testing I created a simple 'helloworld' program. I am calling a simple native function in C++, that just prints messages. I am a bit curious about some behavior I have observed while executing the program - it seems that all the native function messages/responses gets printed af

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Securing user-data - for use in method calls, SQL and file calls
Category : Programming Languages

I am using $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE variables in method calls, SQL queries and file calls - and it is necessary to escape / rewrite this user-data for better security (avoid injection attacks and the like). How would you recommend this is done?

Some ideas from built-in escape function ... to get the juices flowing:

Add backslashes to

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Calls to successive calls on repeater with XML datasource is not binding new data
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following Page_Load function...

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
XmlDataSource1.Data = GetXmlFromFile(Request.QueryString["file"]);

The page in which this Page_Load resides is called by a parent page. Each time this Page_Lo

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Are SOAP Remote Procedure Calls atomic blocking calls?
Category : Programming Languages

Using VB Express 2008, if the code makes a Remote Procedure call to a SOAP function on another machine is the CPU blocked until the call returns?

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asterisk outbound calls and inbound calls fom different domains
Category : Web Design

How can I configure asterisk (sip client) for outbound calls to other sip clients that are registered to sip servers(domains) different from my sip domain? What about inbound calls from sip clients registered to different sip servers(domains) than the domain I have?

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