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The Difference Between a Canon HG20 & Canon HG21
by Shailja in Electronics
Canon is a Japanese company which manufactures a range of products such as printers and cameras. The HG20 and HG21 are both part of the Canon Legria series of high definition camcorders. Though these devices are quite similar, the HG21 is the upgrade to the HG20 and there are a few notable differences between them. Release InformationCanon released both products in the fall of 2008 as an answer

How Do I Put a Canon Manual Lens on a Canon Digital SLR?
by OGG in Electronics
Canon offers a high-end digital processor in their digital SLRs that allow regular Canon manual lenses to be used on the digital body. Using manual Canon lenses saves a user quite a bit of money, as digital lenses are very costly. However, the exposure and focal length differs, so when using a manual lens on a digital SLR you must accommodate for the difference in focal length. Canon has kept thei

Canon SD780 Vs. Canon SD960: Which Is Better?
by brennen in Electronics
The SD960 and SD780 are compact digital cameras developed by Canon and released in 2009. Both cameras are part of the company's PowerShot lines of entry-level digital cameras marketed toward users looking for portability and ease of use at a low price point. Although the cameras are quite similar in terms of design and intended market, they differ somewhat in terms of specifications, with the SD78

How to Use a Canon 2x Extender with a Canon 70-200 lens?
by Seattle in Electronics
The Canon 2x Extender is a useful accessory for any photographer, regardless of skill and experience. The Canon 2X Extender doubles the zoom on a lens. Many photographers like to use the 2X Extender with the Canon 70-200mm lens because it can give them a 400mm zoom focal length for a fraction of the cost of an actual 400mm lens. It gives the photographer the versatility of having two different le

How to use a Canon 16-35mm lens on a Canon 40D
by Martin Dobrev in Electronics
The Canon 40D digital camera is a semi-pro camera body that many advanced amateurs and professionals use on a daily basis. The Canon 16-35mm f2.8L lens is a wide-angle zoom lens from Canon's professional series lenses. When coupled with the Canon 40D camera, the Canon 16-35mm f2.8L lens provides a 25.6-56mm 35mm equivalent zoom because of the 1.6 crop factor of the Canon 40D camera. This is very c
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How to Use a Canon AE-1 Lens on a Canon EOS Rebel
by Ryan in Electronics
If you have a newer Canon EOS Rebel digital SLR camera, and have older Canon AE-1 lenses, you can attach a compatible Canon AE-1 lens adapter and use the older lenses.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Canon AE-1 lens adapter

Purchase a compatible Canon AE-1 lens adapter that will attach to your Canon EOS Rebel digital-SLR camera. You can find lens

Canon MF6530 Vs. Canon MF6540
by tiagoggama in Computers
The MF6530 and MF6540 are nearly identical black and white laser multi-function printers developed by Canon. The company released both devices as part of its ImageClass family of products. Both the MF6530 and the MF6540 feature printing, copying and scanning capabilities. Although they're nearly identical in terms of design and applications, they differ somewhat in terms of their performance speci

How to Compare a Canon 50D to Canon Rebel T1I
by Max Derov in Electronics
Canon released the EOS 50D digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) in 2008. The EOS Rebel T1i, also known as the 500D, appeared about six months later in 2009. The 50D, regarded as a semi-professional model, is the larger and heavier camera. The T1i, while feature-packed, is considered an entry-level model. The cameras, which received favorable reviews, share many features, but diverge on certain

How to Compare the Canon XL1S and Canon GL2
by errornosignal in Electronics
The Canon XL1S and the Canon GL2 are from the professional line of camcorders offered by Canon. The XL1S was released in 2002, and the GL2 was released in 2003. These camcorders are not meant for the average consumer; they are meant for independent and amateur filmmakers. The cameras can be compared on features, availability and size. FeaturesBoth cameras share features such as the three charge

How do I Modify a Canon FD Lens to a Canon EOS?
by jaset in Electronics
The Canon FD mount lens came into existence in the early 1970s when the company made a change to accommodate new cameras, particularly the Canon A-1. The unusual mount works by placing the lens against the body opening and turning a ring to tighten it. Early 35 mm single-lens reflex cameras used a screw mount system, but later transitioned to bayonet mounts, which require that you insert the lens,

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