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How to perform an action only when capture is done in iphone image-Picker when ever click the capture button
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages

In my iPhone app i have capture image feature and to edit the captured image.

my intension is add a overlay to the image picker to change the dimensions of the crop rectangle visually [i will bother about it later]

When ever image picker opens the view is like this as follows:

I need to know when the user clicks on that capture button

C# web cam WM_CAP_CONNECT: Want to force a capture source when multiple capture sources present
by Wisconsin in Web Design

I am using WebCam_Capture code I found online to access through C# a web cam. On a computer with one video source it works like a charm! (Program starts up at start up, finds the webcam and it works).

Though on a computer with many video sources (Say a web cam and then manycam running on top of that), the program starts and queries the user which source to use. I would love my pro

How to capture the capture event of camera and save a image?
by droom in Programming Languages

I have a camera, which has a button. When I use Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) to connect to it, and press the button on the camera, it will capture an image in WIA.

I want to implement it by myself without WIA; what event should I capture?

How to Capture a Scrolling Window With Solid Capture
by Juice in Computers
Solid Capture's software package offers a variety of ways to get web pages, text and images onto your desktop for printing or sending. The Solid Capture technology updates the old "screen print" system to accommodate larger windows, scrolling and other features of web-paged data transfer. Users take advantage of Solid Capture to get a range of sizes for sending files across servers and through ema

How to Capture Xbox 360 Gameplay without a Capture Card
by OutOfBrain in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Xbox 360 gameplay can lead to some entertaining moments. You may wish to extract footage from an Xbox 360 game to use in a presentation. A capture card allows you to grab footage from your gaming console; however, you can achieve a similar outcome without using this device. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to capture footage without a capture card.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruc

Regex: How to capture all matched values of a regex capture group with repetition?
by Cenneca in Programming Languages

I'm trying to capture a list of delimitered values such as:

abc, def, ghi

Ideally, I get a list of "abc", "def", "ghi" while validating that the input at the same time.

I've been attempting to use a regex expression like this:

^([^,]*)(?:, *([^,]+))*$

when I read the claim that:

For now, when capt

Possible to capture part of one capture group into a second capture group?
by Blackjack200 in Programming Languages


blah blah href='http://www.domain.com/keyid=432' blah blah blah blah

So if i use a regex like


that captures the url into group 1 but is it possible to also capture the keyid "432" into a second group? Im sure there is a way to achieve this but i am still a regex noob.

How to Capture XM
by Robert M in Electronics
Capturing the XM signal to enjoy through your car or home audio system is a straightforward process -- and will allow you to enjoy over 100 channels of commercial-free music, sports, talk and entertainment. Currently, four options are available to listen to XM radio, largely determined by where you intend to listen to satellite radio most. You can listen in your car, at home, on the go with a port
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How to Capture With VLC
by 1sikbITCH in Computers
VLC is a media player developed by the VideoLAN open-source project. The application is distributed for free and is available in Mac, PC and Linux versions. Although VLC supports playback for numerous digital video and digital audio formats, the application has advanced features which include the ability to capture streaming video. Users can access this functionality in VLC in just a few clicks.Di
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How to Capture With a VCR
by frugivore in Electronics
Though technology has gone way beyond the VCR, people may neglect to make the switch to a DVD player simply because of the familiarity of recording TV programs with a VCR. Recording with a VCR is a straight-forward process that relies on having the device set up properly. The VCR is able to capture TV shows when the TV is hooked up to it because programs run through the VCR first, and are then sen
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