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How to Make Greeting Cards, Thank You Cards & Just All Types of Cards
by Dahak in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Greeting cards are available in all shapes, styles and designs. It is easy to find a card for any occasion; however, there is something special and unique about a handmade card. You don't have to be an artist or a creative expert to make a warm and inviting greeting card. Follow these instructions to make a beautifully crafted card. Friends and family will delight in your personal expression, and

Are Credit Cards or Debit Cards a Safe Alternative?
by mck66productions in Personal Finance
Credit cards and debit cards offer convenient ways to make payments. Some merchants even require that you use either a credit card or a debit card to pay for your financial transaction. Besides convenience, credit cards and debit cards also provide you some protection against loss, theft and other incidents. Other Payment MethodsA common payment method other than credit and debit cards is cash.

The Difference in Debit Cards & Prepaid Credit Cards
by terrestris in Personal Finance
Just like a credit card, you can use a debit card or a prepaid credit card to buy services. However, with debit cards and prepaid cards you do not pay interest on charges made with the card. In some cases, this makes debit and prepaid credit cards an attractive, less costly alternative than a traditional credit card. The primary difference between debit or prepaid cards and traditional credit card

How to Use Florist Enclosure Cards for Place Cards at a Wedding
by Erik in Weddings
When you're planning a wedding, it's often difficult to find place cards that are unlike the ones that your friends or families used at their own weddings. However, incorporating florist enclosure cards into your place settings is a way of adding a bit of romance to your reception. Ornate flower arrangements are a distinguishing feature of weddings, and so it is appropriate to carry the theme on f

How to Create Banners, Business Cards & Greetings Cards From Software
by Puddle Jumper in Computers
There's no need to spend money on expensive printing services for paper goods such as cards and banners when you can create them at home for free by taking advantage of a variety of computer programs. You'll be able to completely personalize your designs to your preferences while saving both money and the time required by companies to print your items. Instead, use software products to create your

How Do Bank Credit Cards or Debit Cards Work?
by Xander in Personal Finance
Both credit cards and debit cards can be convenient ways to pay the bills. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages. Once you understand the ins and outs of both types of cards, you can make the decision as to which card you prefer. You also may choose to use both, but for different reasons. Credit CardsWhen you use a credit card, you are essentially taking out a loan. Credit cards can

How to check if cards in hand match cards on table?
by Oli in Web Design

There are 8 cards on the table, with four faces visible and four hidden. Click on a card to turn it and if there's a pip-match or suit-match, show sparks around the associated cards.

Problem is, I'm either doing something wrong logic-wise, or .concat() is not working. Because some sparks show and some do not.

The whole game could probably be refactored into proper object

Are Debit Cards Protected From Loss Like Credit Cards?
by snapshooter in Personal Finance
Debit cards are cards that draw money directly from checking accounts. Merchants that accept credit cards usually accept debit cards. Like credit cards, debit cards are protected against loss, theft and fraud. SignificanceAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, cardholders are only liable for a maximum of $50 resulting from fraudulent debit card transactions. If a cardholder reports the card

Why Have Debit Cards Replaced Credit Cards?
by dawp in Personal Finance
According to the 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study, debit card use in the United States had exceeded credit card use as of 2006. Debit cards are typically tied to a checking or savings account, while credit cards normally offer a revolving line of credit. As a result, debit cards can offer several advantages, particularly for credit-challenged consumers. Consumer DistrustCredit card companies

What Is the Difference Between Credit Cards and ATM/Debit Cards?
by John Studdert in Personal Finance
Credit or debit? It’s a question that every cardholder has been asked, either by a live cashier or by the message on a credit card machine. Using each has pros and cons. Consumers should understand the difference between the two in order to make an informed decision that best fits with their personal financial goals. FundingA debit card transaction is funded from the cardholder’s ba

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