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Does a Billing & Coding Career or a Medical Transcription Career Offer Better Pay?
by cakephp in Personal Finance
A career in medical billing and coding is quite different from one in medical transcription. Medical coders are responsible for maintaining all paperwork, including exam results, billing information and insurance data, on patients. They also assign codes to diagnoses that help determine how much a patient will be reimbursed for treatment. Medical transcriptionists listen to recordings dictated by

How to Explain Career Goals and Why You Chose That Career
by Belgium in Careers & Job Searching
A prepared interviewee needs to know the questions to expect before ever walking into a job interview. Not all interviewers will ask you to explain your career goals and why you have chosen your current career path, but since this is a difficult question to answer, you should always be prepared just in case. Answering this question during an interview is not just about what you say, but also how y

Why Are Career Cluster & Career Pathways Important?
by cyclohexane in Education
Career clusters and career pathways are methods of teaching students about possible career opportunities in their future and the requirements they need to fulfill to achieve them. Career clusters and career pathways expose students to what the "real world" expects of them without having to learn lessons the hard way. HistoryAccording to Careertech.org, in 1994, the Educate America Act charged

Teaching Career Vs. Radiology Tech Career
by J.W. Mosley in Careers & Job Searching
Choosing between a career as a teacher or radiology technician can be a tough decision. Each has positives and negatives, leaving you to determine what is most important to you. Considering the education required, salary, hours, location, job security and work environment may help you determine which is best suited for you personally. EducationThe education required to become a basic radiolo

Career Goals for Developing a Career Plan
by Mcad in Personal Finance
Developing a career plan is the way you can focus in on the things you want to accomplish, and then follow a path leading to those accomplishments. A career plan is made up a of a series of career goals. Once you have your goals, you can then develop the path you will choose to achieve those goals. It is important to understand the basic career goals involved in developing a career plan. Educat

Career Day Activities Involving Career Assessment
by Aravinth in Careers & Job Searching
Career assessment involves more than investigating current business trends and the job outlook. Therapists agree that people who love their work are happier and healthier than those “clinging to their old work” for economic security. If you're a student preparing to enter the job market during the recession, you may think you have no options but to take what’s available. Taking t

Qualitative Career Assessment Vs. Quantitative Career Assessment
by afds in Business
Career counselors frequently make use of both qualitative and quantitative career assessment methods when working with their clients. These methods, which elicit relevant information in different ways, are best used in conjunction with one another, rather than exclusively. Qualitative Career Assessment MethodsQualitative assessment methods can reveal hidden patterns.A businessman an businesswom

How to Look for a Career
by Milander in Careers & Job Searching
If you're just starting out on your career track after college, or looking to change jobs and branch out into a new industry, you'll need to do some research about job options and try some career planning strategies. Searching for a new career can be overwhelming, but there are some simple ways to get started and find your dream job. A combination of online searching, networking with professiona
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Which Career Is Right?
by Leo in Personal Finance
Consider many factors when choosing the career that's right for you, including what kind of career will let you fulfill your passions, thrive financially and give you opportunities to grow. Also think about your personal and family needs and aspirations. You might ask yourself what kind of difference you want to make in the world through your work. Self-Assessment TestsTaking assessment tests c
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How to Know Which Career Is the Best for You
by ziqew in Careers & Job Searching
When choosing a new career or changing careers, there are a few things that can help a person know which career choice is best. A person must know what his passion is, what type of skills he has and what type of environment he wants to work in.
Though it may seem difficult at times, knowing which career is right can easily come after going through a few easy steps. Think about the person you

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