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How to Tie a Cargo Net
by flakekun in Cars
Using a cargo net to tie down your things during a move or trip is a good way to secure your belongings during travel. It's fast and easy to do by yourself in your driveway. You do not need any tools to tie the net.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Pull the cargo net over the stuff you need to secure. Position it so that each corner is at opposite ends and sides of the surface it will be covering. Th
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What Is a Cargo Van?
by surfsatwerk in Cars
Cargo vans are workhorse vehicles generally used for commercial purposes. Unlike minivans and SUVs cargo vans do not have seats in the back, providing extra room for hauling. In 2010 there are four different cargo van models available in the United States. UsesAccording to editorial.autos.msn.com most cargo vans are used for light commercial transport, ambulances or conversion vans.
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How to Tie Down Cargo
by JGKelly in Cars
Packing up your cargo is only half the adventure when it comes to transporting your belongings. You will find that tying down the cargo is an intricate battle in itself. If you do not take care when it comes to securing your cargo, you may lose everything in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, securing down your cargo is a relatively simple process if you take the time to do it correctly. You may ne
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Do it Yourself Cargo Net
by rodvand in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Cargo nets have become a popular tool for strength training. Climbing cargo nets can improve muscle strength and balance as well as improve your cardiovascular system as you climb. Although you can purchase a cargo net from your local hardware store, you can cut down on the expense by constructing your own.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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Cargo Van Specifications
by jaysen in Cars
Cargo vans, sometimes referred to as commercial vans, are used in the commercial field. They do not have seats in the back of the vehicle because they are used for hauling or commercial transportation. As of 2010 there are four different types of Cargo vans available in the U.S. the most popular being the Ford E series. Throughout the years manufacturers have kept the same basic design, however th

The Uses of Liquid Cargo
by fayoh in Business
Movement of cargo through water trade routes began as early as the first millennium B.C. However, most early cargo was dry goods that could be stored within a boat's hull or on deck. Liquid cargo vessels did not appear until the 1880s. These days, liquid cargo can fill an entire mid-ship section within multiple liquid containers. For land transportation, liquid cargo can require a standard semitr
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Making a Cargo Net
by chanley in Home & Garden
Organizing sports gear, groceries or luggage in the back of the car can be a trick. Cargo nets have become a popular method for keeping those items from shifting during transport. Cargo nets are also used to protect children on playgrounds, for climbing during fitness activities and to protect wildlife. Simple cargo nets can be purchased from hardware or auto supply stores and playground suppliers
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DIY Cargo Barrier
by Super56K in Cars
When you are hauling numerous items in the back of an SUV or van, the cargo tends to slide if you brake too quickly. A cargo barrier can be mounted on the inside of your vehicle, behind the back seat, to protect passengers from falling or shifting cargo. Cargo barriers differ in size, depending on the make and model of your car. You can customize your own cargo barrier to best fit the size of your
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How to Organize a Cargo Van
by Lafe in Cars
If you have a cargo van, a good storage system is necessary to prohibit tools and supplies from ricocheting around the back of the van when you swerve, turn or make a quick stop. This can be extremely dangerous if you are carrying large or sharp objects. There are many companies that provide a plethora of options in regard to the type of storage units you can put in a cargo van. How you decide to
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How to Tie a Spidy Cargo Net
by Gerhard Miller in Cars
Spidy Gear makes a series of cargo nets for trucks and autos. Spidy Gear nets go over cargo racks, the back of truck beds or through the trunk to secure loose bags, boxes and gear. The nets are pre-tied but need to be clipped or hooked to secure them into position. Spidy Gear nets are available and sized for size-specific parts of the car or truck and are matched according to your car's or truck's
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