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Magento add category list items in navbar which links to different category if category attribute is set
by comphollic in Development Tools & Services

I have a rather weird problem.
I have to create a webshop in magento.

The problem is in the navigation menu.
My client wants to have a list item with a dropdown which has all the categories.
But he also wants to choose a couple of the categories to display seperately in the nav bar as well.

Of course i could use a url rewrite for this. But the problem is.

(Magento) Shop by category shows other category description than category page
by rodvand in Programming Languages

At the moment I have a strange thing in magento. When I click on a category from the menu I see a description mentioned for the sub-category. But when I click on the category from the "Shop By" menu. I see the text from the root category.

I've noticed that when I click from the topmenu, the link is http://example.com/rootcategory/subcategory/subcategory.html but when i click from "S

differentiate parent category ,sub category and sub under sub category in wordpress
by YuriyLazarev in Programming Languages

I want to show categories in left side bar..I am using

<?php $menu = wp_nav_menu(array( 'menu'=>'catmenu','theme_location' => 'primary', 'menu_class' => 'leftnav-menu' , 'depth' => 1 ) );?>

I want to differentiate parent category ,sub category and sub under sub category

From above code I can show only main categories using depth=

Magento : Category Name instead of category ids in category path.
by Barak in Programming Languages

I am trying to get category names in category path based on product id in magento.

Suppose My Product Id = 1 and In that I define category5 (id = 5) and I get category path like 2/3/5. Instead of this type of category path I need category path like category2/category3/category5. That means I need category names in path Instead of category Ids. I got this by using following code but

MySQL column category and position SELECT with limit 4. When category only has 3 records, select one from other category with the missing position?
by Djuxy in Databases

I have two columns category and position.

Category | Position
A | 0
A | 1
A | 2
A | 3
B | 0
B | 1
B | 2
B | 3

In my Query I select where category = B, limit 4.
If category

Build and render infinite hierarchical category tree from self-referential category table
by igv in Programming Languages

I have a Categories table in which each category has a ParentId that can refer to any other category's CategoryId that I want to display as multi-level HTML list, like so:

<ul class="tree">
<li>Parent Category
<li>1st Child Category
<!-- more sub-cate

mysql help - writing a query to show productsthat are in more than one category, as long as they are in a specific category
by ganok_tor in Coding

having a bit of a prob with this, though I'm sure it's simple!

I have a table where product IDs are matched to category ID, these are the only 2 fields in the table.

I want to see whether all the products in the cards category (ID=100) are in any other categories, or just that one. I tried a few things but can't figure the query out.

SELECT products_id, c

how can get previous category from sub category for back button click in iphone in json parsing?
by sgmichelsen in Programming Languages

I am new to iphone development. I am developing one iphone application like as sms collection from json parsing in that application having
first category list like as funny sms, love sms in UITableview
when click love sms then i get list love sms in uitablview ....after click particular love sms then i display that particular sms in view ...but my problem is when click back o

Django products app with variable depth category hierarchy and arbitrary attributes per category
by odunthorne in Web Design

I'm starting work on a product catalog built in Django for a client that needs:

1- a variable depth category / subcategory structure, so the tree could look like:

cat 1 > subcat 1 > subsubcat 1 > product 1

cat 2 > subcat 2 > product 2

cat 3 > product 3

2- the products of any category or subcategory can have an arbitrary set of attrib

How to show paginated results for the category items of the selected category in CakePHP?
by VirtualLarry in Programming Languages

Currently i'm having a problem with the pagination of some results. The problem is the following:

I have a website with 3 tables: categories, categories_companies and companies. In a many-to-many relationship. When i select one category, it shows the companies that belongs to the selected category. My problem is here! I don't know how to make it to show only 10 companies per categor


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