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After mixing static cells and dynamic cells, custom cells in dynamic section don't work
Category : Coding

Following these instructions:
UITableView: Handle cell selection in a mixed cell table view static and dynamic cells

I could mix static cells and dynamic cells. Everything works fine if for dynamic cells I use UITableViewCell, but if I try to use a custom cell, it doesn't work, I just see nothing (a blank cell, like UITableViewCell without configuration). My cell identifier is

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Excel - Macro to compare cells in two sheets and concatenate rows of matching cells
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to compare cells in column A of Sheet1 with cells in column A of Sheet2. When a match is found I would like the corresponding rows in both Sheet1 and Sheet2 to be moved and concatenated on to a new row on Sheet3.

Please could anyone assist me with this?

Many thanks for your time.

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jqGrid footer cells “inherits” CSS from cells in the main grid
Category : Programming Languages

I have a footerrow in my jqGrid where I sum up the values in some of the columns. I set the footer using the 'footerData' function when the grid has completed loading. This requires the 'footerrow' property in the grid-options to be set to 'true'. Some of the columns which I don't sum up have CSS applied to them (to show some icons in the cells), which is set using the 'classes' property in the

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C# Excel interop sort range so blank cells go to last and cells with data go up
Category : Programming Languages

I have an Excel 97-2003 .xls spreadsheet converted from .dbf using C#-4.0 and Excel.Interop. The data is sorted by date according to column D.


Now I would need to sort the selected range (shown in the image), by column G so that blank cells get to be on the bottom of the selected range.

The image shows it correctly,

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Is handling requests/accessing database in cells a good practice? and more about MVC with cells and OOP
Category : Programming Languages

I am just wondering whether this is a good approach to make a model request inside a cell definition....?

I am also need to define in general what is more convenient way to implement different representations for search results in different context from OOP point of view.

What do I need this for?

I have categories with items. I want to implement search result

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Loop through a range of cells, inputting data into other cells (drop-down selections) and return the result of calculations
Category : Programming Languages

I have a calculator built in Excel 2003 in which you select options from a drop-down menu, data is then gathered and calculated returning your total cost to produce that package of items. What I'd like is to cycle through all the combinations of this drop-down and automatically return the total unit cost to another cell.

I have already created a massive grid with all possible drop-d

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Confusion with Reusable Cells (incorrect cells affected after scroll)
Category : Operating Systems

I'm sure this question is not unique, but I've not found other sources to solve it. Actually, those have been causing more confusion. Please shed light if you can.

The crux of the issue is that I want to slide (-50) a UILabel in ONE cell of a 7 section 30ish row table with custom cells. After scrolling a couple other rows are moving this label, and they continue to move farther and

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What Are the Similarities and Differences of Cytokinesis in Plant Cells Vs. Animal Cells?
Category : Education
Cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm and organelles during mitosis. The cytoplasm is the thick fluid that surrounds the nucleus and holds the organelles in place. Organelles are smaller units contained between the cell's membrane and the cell's nucleus, each with a specific function, such as waste removal, transport and protein synthesis. This process happens differently in plant and anima

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How to change the font size in table cells according to cells content?
Category : Web Design

I have an HTML table which has incrementing numbers starting from 0 in its cells (left to right, up to bottom).

I fixed in CSS the width and the height of the cells (40px width, 25px height, in my case).

When the table becomes larger, the numbers inside it becomes large also (for example, the last number is 1266356). This causes the cells to be

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Fill cells in Excel 2007 based on content of other cells in row
Category : Programming Languages

I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet populated with four columns (V1 V2, V3 V4) that contain values (integers [0-20]) separated by a comma. Values need not be continuous.

I would like to create a new column (e.g. newV) whose cells only contains an integer if it is included in at least two of the previous four columns from that row. Can this be done with a formula or macro within Excel? If

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