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How do I center a jquery dialog to show at the center of the current viewable area of the browser?
by Georgia in Web Design

I am able to center the dialog with a default position that is the exact center of the page. However when the page height is longer that the browser window, when the dialog first opens, it scrolls the entire page back to its center.

I would like to preset the dialog to be at the center relative to the screen not the page.

I believe this is what I use to initialize it:

How to center background image in any screen size if text is center-aligned?
by Justin Bowers in Web Design

How do you align a background icon image if the text is center-aligned? Like a small icon before the text. If it's not center-aligned, I can use something like:

p {
background: url(image.jpg) no-repeat 0 0;
padding-left: 40px;

But if I center align it like so:

p {
background: url(image.jpg) no-repeat 0 0;

In wxPython, is there a way to center-align the header of a column in a ListCtrl without making the items also aligned in center?
by Jason Merrill in Programming Languages

I think this is a little bug on the wxPython ListCtrl. You may correct me if I am wrong.

The following wxPython code aligns the every header on a ListCtrl widget:

myListCtrl.InsertColumn(i, headers[i], format=wx.LIST_ALIGN_DEFAULT, widths[i])

but it also aligns every items in the list to the center. Is there a programmatical way to align the items

Issues aligning div overlay center so when I zoom out it'll stay center
by sub-80 in Web Design

I've been at this for days now, trying to not only write/find a div overlay code that'll work and also stay center. Im trying to use a png image as a overlay over a video for my header and I wanna add content under it, but whenever I zoom out the page it always aligns left..Im not sure what I should fix in my code to allow it to stay center so when I zoom out and take a screen shot too advertis

How to Prevent Too Many Children Crowding Into One Activity Center in a Childcare Center
by tommy in Education
Many childcare centers set up smaller activity centers for children to explore during free times. For example, activity centers may include an imaginary play center with costumes and puppets or a painting center where children can use various paints to make projects. When you have a large number of children, take steps to prevent too many children crowding into one activity center. Even children w

Florida Center for Reading Research and Student Center Activities
by TwiceOver in Education
Established in 2002 by Governor Jeb Bush and administered by Florida State University, the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) contributes to the scientific knowledge of reading for the benefit of students in Florida and throughout the nation, by researching reading growth, assessment and instruction. It disseminates information and conducts research related to literacy instruction for chil

how do to center the text input to be in center with two buttons that are also aligned centred
by Saurabh in Web Design

here is the html

<form id="ContactForm" action="">
<div class="wrapper">
<div class="bg"><input class="input" type="text"></div>Name:
<div class="wrapper">
<div class="bg"><input class="input" type="text"></div>Email:

Javascript - Auto remove tag bbcode [center][/center] in post
by sadboy in Web Design

My site has multiple authors submit articles, they inserted bbcode in the post which tag [center] make bad homepage.

Thank You!

Android - Layout question - Textviews top center and bottom center
by Tom D in Programming Languages

I have a layout question.

Say I have a RelativeLayout appearing at the bottom of my screen. In this, I want to add 2 textviews, in the center, one in the top center and one in the bottom center.

| Text1 |
| Text2 |

Something like that :

Animate button from bottom center horizontal to center in parent?
by ShayH in Programming Languages

I need to animate a button from the center horizontal bottom of the screen to the center parent of the screen.I have used the following code from other references in stack overflow but the animation is from bottom slightly to the left upto above the center of the screen.I am facing problem understanding the parameters to change.Could someone also post some link where i can get more details rega

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