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How to Charge iPod With a Wireless Charger and a Wired Charger at the Same Time
by Yserbius in Electronics
The charge time for an iPod can be reduced marginally by connecting the device to a hardwired charger unit and wireless unit simultaneously. The effect is noticeable but not significant in terms of charging due to the fact that the charging circuit can only process a certain amount of power. The sequence of charging is the key to gaining any advantage over a single source of power. The iPod is des

Can I Use a Camera Charger As a Laptop Battery Charger?
by HokieGeek in Computers
When you have a lot of electronic devices, you also usually have a lot of chargers. Whether you’re just trying to cut down on clutter, or you are traveling light, it’s understandable that you’d want to pare down to as few chargers as you can. In some cases, you may be able to use a camera charger as a laptop battery charger — but it depends on your devices. Evaluating Co

What is the Difference Between a Float Charger & a Trickle Charger?
by Vinicios in Cars
Both float and trickle chargers are devices that slowly emit low-voltage charges to your car battery, restoring the battery to a fully charged status over several hours. Subtle differences between the two devices determine which charger is best for you. Float ChargersFloat chargers are equipped with electronics that allow the device to cycle on and off. This is beneficial if you are going to ha

Super Charger Vs. Turbo Charger
by godihatework in Cars
Though they both exists to push extra air into an engine for increased horsepower, superchargers and turbo-superchargers (as they are properly known) go about it in two very different ways. HistorySuperchargers were originally developed in 1860 as a mechanical device to feed coal blast furnaces. Turbochargers were patented in 1905 and first used in 1920 to enhance the output of diesel freighte

How to Convert a Car Charger to a Tool Charger
by sepe in Cars
Unfortunately, there is no direct way to charge tools through a car's charger. However, some manufacturers have created a device known as a power inverter. The power inverter allows you to charge devices that require a standard power outlet, such as tools that you may need for construction or for doing maintenance around the house.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Power inverter

How to Set Up a Car Charger
by obijywk in Electronics
You can set up a car charger to power a variety of mobile devices while you are on the road. Car chargers fit into the cigarette lighter on the console or below the armrest of most cars. Electric current, diverted from the heater coil in the lighter, passes through the car charger to the connected device. Car owners can purchase splitters that turn one input into two or three for charging multiple
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How do I Use a 12V Charger?
by youtube-api in Cars
Batteries that are improperly maintained or nearing the end of their life expectancy may cease to work properly and fail to start the vehicle's engine. Vehicle batteries that are unused for long periods of time can also lose charge. In these cases, the vehicle's battery will need to be recharged. A 12-volt battery charger is often used to recharge or jump-start batteries and is generally simple to
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How to Fix a PSP Charger
by j0sh4tran in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Is your PSP not fully charging? The problem could be the PSP's battery and not the charger, in which case your best bet is to contact Sony for support and options. If you are sure that the problem is with the charger, however, you can either buy a new charger or try to make the repairs yourself.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions If you are certain that there is no voltage coming from the ch
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What Are Charger Plates For?
by keyed in Home & Garden
Charger plates are decorative and useful larger plates that go under the dinner plate, salad plate and soup bowl. They can make the table look more formal, or just more festive. They do not have to match your china, but if they are used in a coordinating color scheme, these plates can add an elegant touch. PlaceholdersPlace the charger plates on the table first. Measure 24 inches between the

Instructions for a Wii Charger
by Matthiasa in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The cutting edge motion-sensitive controller used with the Nintendo Wii is completely wireless, which means it tends to run out of battery power after extended use. Wii remote chargers rectify this situation by allowing you to charge your Wii remote batteries when not in use. Wii chargers come with rechargeable battery packs that can last for up to a full day of gaming before the charge wears out.

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