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Regex Help - Enforce 6 character string with at least TWO alpha chars and TWO numeric chars?
Category : Coding

I need to enforace the following regex, and I'm horrible at writing these:

xx12ab - valid
x12345 - invalid
xxxxx1 - invalid
xxx123 - valid

I need to have a 6 character string that HAS TO HAVE at least 2 alpha chars, and 2 numeric chars, limited to only alpha/numeric in the string.


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Ruby regex: replace non-word chars that are not space chars
Category : Programming Languages

How do I replace all non-word chars (W) that are also not space characters (s)?

This is the desired functionality:

"the (quick)! brown
fox".gsub(regex, "#")


"the #quick## brown

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How to match alphabetical chars without numeric chars with Python regexp?
Category : Programming Languages

Using Python module re, how to get the equivalent of the "w" (which matches alphanumeric chars) WITHOUT matching the numeric characters (those which can be matched by "[0-9]")?

Notice that the basic need is to match any character (including all unicode variation) without numerical chars (which are matched by "[0-9]").

As a final note, I really need a regexp as it is part

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Got confused in conversion of UNICODE chars to UTF-8 Multibyte chars
Category : Programming Languages

I have to load one "dll" file in my application which is located in the path includes "UNICODE " characters. When I got the path in wchar_t* and pass it to LoadLibrary() works as expected.

But I am in another way
1. Converting array of wide char to UTF-8 multibyte array.
2. Converting again UTF-8 multibyte array to wide char array.
3. Now using the converted wide char

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How to cast a List object of chars in an Array of chars?
Category : Programming Languages

How to convert or make a cast of a List object typized as a container of chars like

Dim mylist As List(Of Char) = New List(Of Char)(New Char() {"1"c, "2"c})

in a simple array of chars as

Dim mychars() As Char

without make a loop for...

thank you


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How to find and replace 3 or more chars with 3 or more chars in a String Java?
Category : Java

I need to check if the line contains strings that must be
eliminated and indicate which symbols would be eliminated.
A character sequence is replaced by underscores (""), accordingly with the sequence length, if there are three or more contiguous characters with the same symbol. for example, the line ", _, @, @, @, @, $, $, , #, #,!" would be transformed into ", _, _, _, _, _, _, $, $,

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How to convert Turkish chars to English chars in a string?
Category : Programming Languages

string strTurkish = "ÜST";

how to make value of strTurkish as "UST" ?

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Algorithm for disorder of strings regarding substring sequences and order (strings of same length, same chars, unique chars, no lexical meaning)
Category : Web Design

Let's say I have "peachz" as a string, and "eachzp" and "pahezc" as attempts used for comparison.

I'm looking for an algorithm that outputs the level of disorder of the array, regarding the relative order of the occurrences.
In the following example I describe the problem with my current algorithm. I'm summing up the differences in the attempt position of each character against

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After escaping html chars with CakePHP's Santiize::html() is it secure to unescape chars like *() inorder for the markdown parser to work?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Before displaying user posts I run them though Sanitize::html() to escape all html. But it escapes some of the chars that are used for the Markdown parser.

This is what I want:
I'm testing this markdown. Try clicking here

This is what I get:
I'm testing this markdown. Try [clicking](http://www.google.com) here

So I'm wondering if it is

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ignore chars between 2 chars
Category : Programming Languages

Im looking through a file. if I run into a '#' I want to ignore everything until I get to '
. my current logic is not working.

Im trying to strip comments from the file
I think the problem has something to do with my logic in the second while loop

int wishforint(FILE *in)
char c;
int d;
int i=0;
int smarr[5];

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