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Gun Checklist
by Roman in Sports & Fitness
Proper gun safety is essential to ensure that nobody, including yourself, is hurt due to the misuse of your firearms. Thankfully for gun enthusiasts and their friends, as well as family members, the National Rifle Association has published an essential list of gun safety rules that should always be observed when in the presence of a firearm. PointingYour firearm should remain pointed in a safe
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Pre-Med Checklist
by RoBo in Education
Students who aspire to be a medical doctor complete an undergrad pre-med program. Most medical schools will accept applications from students if their majors are science-based or not, as long as specific science prerequisites and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are taken. Traditionally, pre-med students are science majors. The science-based pre-med curriculum mirrors and serves as a prep
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Checklist for a Sea Bag
by sm625 in Cars
When you're on a boat, there is limited room for baggage. Passengers are generally encouraged to pack lightly and are given a maximum weight limit. At the same time, there are specific considerations to be made for packing for a sea trip. When packing your sea bag, what are some of the must-haves to ensure a wonderful trip on the sea? What must you pack to be well-prepared without being overloaded
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GUI Checklist
by lxskllr in Computers
A GUI, or "graphical user interface," consists of objects with which users can interact. Creating an intuitive, friendly GUI that guides users efficiently requires more than simply placing controls randomly onto a form or Web page. GUI applications, including Windows itself, save users countless hours by allowing them to perform complex tasks at the click of a button or via mouse movemen
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CPR Checklist
by gnirpaz in Health
Tragedy often strikes unexpectedly. Without warning, an accident can happen, affecting breathing or causing a person to go into cardiac arrest. When the heart stops pumping, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, can keep blood flowing to the heart and brain. In 2005, the American Heart Association created new guidelines for administering CPR. Using a checklist of procedures helps medical workers
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Checklist to Get Fit
by PenguinPower in Sports & Fitness
Being healthy improves your quality of life. Adhering to better health practices enables you to look and feel your best. However, resolving to live a cleaner lifestyle may leave you overwhelmed --- knowing where to start can be a daunting process. Moreover, having no plan of action can lead to failure. Following a sensible checklist can help steer you toward your goals. Clean EatingThe types of
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Checklist for a First Aid Kit
by terrestris in Home & Garden
Having proper first aid supplies nearby prepares you for medical emergencies, whether for a simple cut or accidental poisoning. Besides keeping one inside the home, there should also be a first aid kit in the car. If you don't want to buy a pre-made first aid kit, you can gather the medical items and make your own kit.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Container with a lid
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FHA Checklist
by Chook2330 in Personal Finance
The Federal Housing Administration is the organization responsible for protecting lenders who give home buyers FHA-backed loans for purchasing a home. The FHA assumes some responsibility for the loans should the home owner default on the loan. Prospective home owners who are seeking a loan can prepare information about their home and finances in advance in order to expedite the process. Identif
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IRS Tax Checklist
by Tom D in Legal
Uncle Sam comes around every year on April 15. Mistakes can easily happen when preparing your taxes, regardless of whether you file electronically or by regular mail. Some taxpayers forget to sign, do not include Social Security numbers or do not know their filing status. Before mailing your return to the Internal Revenue Service, complete a final IRS tax checklist. Personal InformationTax retu
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Bar Cleaning Checklist
by MisterLilBig in Careers & Job Searching
Working in a bar as a cocktail server, bartender or bar back has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include daily cash in hand to pay bills and buy gas. Disadvantages include the late hours and the hefty restocking and cleaning involved in maintaining the bar. While bar cleaning checklists are usually a full page of tasks, there are a few areas around which all the tasks revolve. Well

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