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Adding child elements (divs) to a parent element (div), how can I stop each child affecting the top value of the child after it?
by Michael in Programming Languages

In this jQuery code, I am dynamically adding boxes to the canvas div like this:

var canvas = $('#canvas');
canvas.append('<div id="1"></div>');
.css({ border: '1px solid white',
background: 'orange',
padding: '0.5em',

Delphi QuickReports: Band order to achieve detail-child-child-child banding?
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

i need to create a QuickReport in Delphi 5 that is laid out as:

| Report Header
| Detail Band (auto-stretching, repeats)
| Child band (fixed-size)
| Child ban

Eager loading child and child-of-child collections in NHibernate
by Kavoos in Programming Languages

I've got a problem with NHibernate trying to load a small hierarchy of data. My domain model looks like:

class GrandParent
int ID{get;set;}
IList<Parent> Parents {get; set;}
class Parent
IList<Child> Children {get; set;}
class Child

and I would like to eager load all p

Actionscript 3: make certain objects in child A appear above child B while others appear under child B
by Martin Dobrev in Programming Languages

Imagine I have a background and I want to show the background under the player object. This can be done with ease:

var player:Player = new Player();
var background:Background = new Background();
addChildAt(background, 0);

However, imagine in this background I have transparent clouds which have to appear above the ship and non-

How to find a child HWND of a child window of a child window (3 levels deep) with Win32 API?
by Erik in Development Tools & Services

Suppose I've this Window hierarchy for one of the processes:

Main Window (class name: XYZ_Widget_1)
`- Child Window (class name: XYZ_Widget_0)
`- Child-Child Window (class name: XYZ_Renderer)

How do I find the HWND of the Child-Child Window?

I tried using FindWindow Win32 API functio

first-child selector means what? Select the first-child of the element? Or select it if it is the first-child?
by FrankSaucedo in Programming Languages

Look at this:

var selection= $('table td:first-child');

In practice it selects the first row's <td> elements in the table.

When I saw it for the first time, I took it as: Select all first-child elements within all <td> in the <table> </table>.

But what it does is: Select al

Android LayoutAnimationController: How to force the first child to wait for the last child's animation to finish before repeating?
by Jarques in Web Design

I'm trying to build an animation where this image:

Becomes this image:

Where the three bars fade in like 1...2...3... then back to none. At this point the animation will repeat. Here is what I tried to make work:

AlphaAnimation anim = (AlphaAnimation) AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this, R.anim.fade_in);

Creating DataRelation with Parent and Child tables and generating xml with subnodes for child table
by massmedia in Programming Languages
Dim obj_DataTable As New System.Data.DataTable("Category")
Dim obj_DataSet As New DataSet()
'Declaring the array of DataColum to hold the Primary Key Columns
Dim obj_PrimaryClmn(1) As System.Data.DataColumn
Dim obj_DataRow As System.Data.DataRow
Dim obj_DataRelation As DataRelation
Dim writer As New System.IO.StringWriter

How determine child ordinal position? Need: $(“#parent”).ordinalChild('#some-child') => 3 (say)
by Roman in Web Design

Because Jquery UI tab doesn't support passing id selector to remove() tab method, and no method exists to map id to index, I have to painfully "jump hoops" to determine the index of the tab I wish to remove.

I just searched the documentation for JQuery and wasn't able to find a utility method to return an integer of the ordinal position of some child under a parent. I think I want

LINQ - accessing an Int column on Child table and handle the situation when there are no child rows
by Kiltec in Programming Languages

Here is a cut down version of my linq query;

var list = from inv in db.Inventories
where inv.InventoryCode.StartsWith("005")
inv.InventoryMedias.Where(im => im.MediaType

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