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Select Parent, Children, Children's Children, etc in single MySQL query
by MisterLilBig in Databases

I feel like this must be a classic problem, but I can't find the answer.

I have a table Person, which has basic details describing a person. Then, I have a ParentChildRelationship table, which looks something like this:

CREATE TABLE `ParentChildRelationship` (

Can a Parent With Joint Custody of Children in Georgia Move the Children to Another State?
by Bong Munoz in Legal
When parents share joint custody of a child and the primary custodian wants to relocate out of state, the parent must seek the court's permission. Under Scott v. Scott, a 2003 Georgia Supreme Court decision, relocation cannot be outright forbidden in a custody order. RelocationRelocation after a divorce can be a difficult issue. If a parent is permitted to move out of state with the child, the

In C#, from a List<Parent> that is actually full of Children, how do I access the specific constructor of those children?
by AtenRa in C & C++ & C#

To start, I have something like this:

class Parent
int x;
public Parent(int _x)
x = _x
class Child1: Parent
int y;
public Child1(int _y):base(_y)
class Child2: Parent
int z;
public Child2(int _z):base(_z)
Kendo Treeview / jQuery: Looping through children of children in unordered list
by Icecold in Programming Languages

I'm trying to get the innerText of all the children in the selected node.

So if user clicks on one of the ULs I would like to get the text of that UL and any children (ULs and/or LIs) and write it to the console.

$("#removeNode").click(function (e) {
var treeview = $("#treeview").data("kendoTreeView");
var selectedNode = treeview.select();

Expand children by EE Addin Dll instead of autoexp.dat 's [Visualizer] section - children keyword
by Yannis Roussochatzakis in Programming Languages

Anyone aware if it is possible to create MS Visual Studio Debugger visualizer of expanding data in an Expression Evaluator (EE) Addin dll? Meaning to do in you Addin dll same as autoexp.dat's [Visualizer] section does. In particular "children" expanding.

NHibernate: Sorting result by children (of children…) properties
by rajiv in Databases

I am trying to build a generic solution to a problem that is probably much more complicated than I realize.

For simplicity, consider that I have the following interface:

PagedResult<T> ToPagedResult<T>(this ICriteria, criteria, string sortName);

sortName is ideally a json-style path of access. E.g : Registration.Class.Curriculum.Descr

return parents children children etc from table if marked true
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I have a table with a load of categories that have children related to them which can also have children related to there children with a max depth of 3 children. example using array style.

What I want to do is query the table and some how make an array that stores the results in an array like the one below which in the future can be searched for to get the keys with values of true.

NHibernate - Retrieve parent / children with criteria applied only to children
by boobytrapped in Web Design

I have a parent entity with a list of child entities. When using NHibernate to retrieve a given parent with children from SQL, it works fine if there are no children OR if there are children with dates that match the where condition.

If there are children that do not match the where clause, the parent is null. I want to have the parent initialized with an empty list of children.

How to append an element, all its children, and all classes of the parent and children with jQuery
by godihatework in Web Design

I have a function that is successful in removing an element and appending it elsewhere on the page as successful. The problem is that as soon as the document is ready jQuery adds classes and attributes to the children that upon moving are lost. I need these classes and attributes to remain after removing and appending. I have thought about calling the original function that adds the classes, bu

Does NSSet *children = [parent children]; perform a fetch request?
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

Is NSSet *children = [parent children]; causing core data to perform a fetch, returning all instances of the child entity relationship?

Same in IB: Does a Model Key Path with a nested relationship perform a fetch request?


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