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Google Chrome Stable won't Play <audio> in Chrome App, but Chrome Beta/Dev Can
by xSauronx in Web Design

I'm trying to get Google Chrome Stable(16.0.912.75) to play mp3.

Here's My Sample Code

<audio autoplay controls src=""></audio>

`chrome.app.runtime` and `chrome.app.window` returns `undefined` in `Chrome 23.0.1271.64 m`
by rhinojosa in Programming Languages

I developed an app using chrome.app.window.create to create an app window. It used to work, but now it not works suddenly (I didn't change any code.)

I opened background page console in chrome://extensions and run chrome.app.window:

> chrome.app.window
> chrome.app.isInstalled
> ch

about call Chrome API or Chrome Extensions with Javascript in Chrome
by sdifox in Javascript

I write a HTML page and I want call a Chrome API(eg tts) with a Javascript function which in my HTML page.

BTW: I don't want to create a Chrome Extensions, just want run as a web app.

Is that possible ? If can be possible, how do I do ?

Activate liveReload monitoring chrome-extension in google chrome launching from bash
by Nick Pegg in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to develope a bash script that launches google-chrome with a installed extension called LiveReload, which is used to monitor web changes. The point is when a web page is open you have to trigger LiveReload to start monitoring, and I want to do that automatically.

Is it possible?

Chrome Extension “Folder” Button to Hold Other Chrome Buttons
by Robby White in Programming Languages

My question involves Google Chrome extension buttons, which you will see next to the "settings" button while running Google Chrome. I run many,many extensions which have buttons, and it's starting to take up too much real estate from the address bar. I'd like to know if there is any way for me to create an button which will hold extension buttons.

Ideally, this option already exist

Image slider wont work with CHROME but does with all other browse, and works with Chrome offline
by Shrek Qian in Programming Languages

I have an image slider that works with all browsers but doesn't work on chrome. It seems to be some sort of jQuery issue. I was originally having this issue with Safari and Chrome then changed to jQuery 1.7.2 and it worked on Safari, but it still doesn't work on chrome. Also on occasion I get a warning that says "please specify width and height for all your images" in Firefox, but I have don

File doesn't download in chrome ,rest of chrome the code working fine
by South Korea in Programming Languages

File doen't download in chrome but in firefox and IE the code working fine

public static string DownloadFromBlob(HttpContext ctxt, string title, string ct, string

HttpWebRequest objRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);
HttpWebResponse objResponse = (HttpWebResponse)objRequest.GetResponse();
int buf

HTML5 Audio: Chrome on Android doesn't automatically play song vs Chrome on PC does
by Matthew in Android

I've made an HTML5 iPod.

You can try it here.


On a PC, while using Chrome. If I navigate to a song, it starts playing automatically.
But while using Chrome on Android it doesn't play the song. I have to hit the play/pause button again to play the audio.

Here is the code which runs, when you select the s

How to make window.onbeforeunload work on chrome… it's working in firefox well but not on chrome ad IE
by AFurryReptile in Web Design

Hi everyone I'm new in webdevelopment and I'm stuck in some problem , My window.onbeforeunload is woring well in firefox but not in chrome and IE...
Help me frnds ..Thanks in advance

Here's my code...

function TickerChanger() {
var currentPosition = $('#ticker01').css('left');
// alert(currentPosition);
var url = "http://localhost/m

Chrome plugin - Permission chrome-devtools://*/* is unknown or URL pattern is malformed
by Russia in Web Design

I am maintaining one extension for google chrome and I'm receiving complaints from random users saying that it just stopped working.

The error message in "extensions" section is this:

Chrome plugin - Permission chrome-devtools://*/* is unknown or URL pattern is malformed

It seems it's not a very popular issue - I wasn't able to find any trace of t

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