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Applying custom claims in claims based application
by Seba in Programming Languages

I would like to grant document level permission based on custom claims in claims based web site. A user may have hundreds of document or one. Is it a good idea to apply custom claims? What is the avantages or disadvantages? Is there a limit on the number of claims that can be added to the claim set?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Claims Procedures for Filing Property Insurance Claims
by Bjørn Håkon in Personal Finance
Consumers purchase insurance to return property to the condition enjoyed before a loss occurred. Property insurance is purchased to protect a home, business or other premises. Property insurance covers losses that result from theft, vandalism, weather-related incidents, falling objects, fire or electrical malfunction. If you experience a loss, you must follow certain claims-filing procedures to en

Claims-based Authentication: Are strings the essence of claims?
by AJ. in Development Tools & Services

I've been programming with claims-based authentication for some time now with Windows Identity Foundation.

It appears to me that in Windows Identity Foundation, once a user is logged in, the claims are basically strings of information that describe the user.

With the old role-based authentication, I could say that a user is or is not a member of a given group, but with c

How to Switch Unemployment Claims to Disability Claims in California
by Nate Childers in Personal Finance
If you find yourself disabled after losing your job and being on unemployment, you do have the option of filing for disability. Since the processing of disability applications typically takes at least a few months, and a few years in some cases, it's best to get started on your application as soon as possible. This way, you'll be able to continue receiving your unemployment benefits while you're w

What Are Medical Claims?
by krs in Careers & Job Searching
Medical claims are medical bills submitted to health insurance carriers and other insurance providers for services rendered to patients by providers of care. When you go to the doctor, hospital or other provider, your service generates a bill. This bill then becomes a medical claim to your insurance carrier to process for payment. The term "medical claim" can be easily defined, but understandin

About Car Insurance Claims
by rbrewer in Personal Finance
Most people will make a claim with their car insurance company at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, only then will they understand what they've been paying for in premiums throughout the years and how the claims process works. The underlying premise of any car insurance claim is an exploration of the facts in order to determine whether a claim can be paid. The FactsAuto adjusters are

How to Win Car Insurance Claims
by Orkspalter in Personal Finance
Accidents can happen to anyone and may be a real drain on your resources. If you have purchased the proper coverage for your vehicle, you should be able to have your vehicle repaired or receive compensation for a replacement without much difficulty. Filing a successful claim is usually a simple process that involves good communication between yourself and your agent or claims representative and ca
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About Car Accident Claims
by the vk in Cars
Car accidents are usually bad experiences for everyone involved. These unfortunate circumstances can be compounded when the parties disagree on the events leading up to the accident and on who is at fault. This is why car accident claims exist. They allow the insured parties to air their grievances with their respective agents, and to file claims against the other party's insurance company, reques

What Are First-Party Claims?
by orneka in Personal Finance
Insurance is a massive industry, with companies insuring people for everything from cars and boats to life and businesses. Ideally when something happens that you are insured against, you report the incident to your insurance company and you're compensated. One possible way this happens is a first-party claim, which is a specific form of insurance claim. First-Party InsuranceFirst-party insuran

How to Become a Claims Examiner
by TCH in Careers & Job Searching
A claims examiner's main job is to probe and validate the claims filed by the insurance holder. They are tasked to protect insurance companies from monetary losses due to false and unreasonable claims. However, they should be careful as not to violate the rights of the claimant.
Claim examiners are insurance companies' employees; they are hired to determine if a submitted claim is legitimate

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