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On Windows XP Left-Clicking & Right-Clicking a Folder Takes Too Long to Respond
Category : Computers
Many components go into making a computer work properly and quickly. Your hardware -- the processor, hard drive and memory -- and software -- in this case, Windows XP -- work together to respond to your inputs. When simple tasks like clicking a folder icon with either mouse button takes a long time, something in this equation isn't working correctly. Isolate the IssueBefore you can troubleshoot

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Clicking or double clicking a draggable element with jQuery?
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to be able to click or double click an element that is also draggable. How can this be done? I've tried various click(), dblclick() and other methods, none have worked so far.

I've currently got an awkward workaround comparing the milliseconds between mouseup and mousedown events, but this still requires the element to have been dragged at least one pixel.


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Is it possible to avoid control validation after clicking one button and don't after clicking another?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a UserControl used for getting an exchange rate amount from user (bank manager) he prefer to be used by an account operation. Exchange rate can be loaded from central bank web service but just as a tip - final value is chosen by user.

It contains one asp:TextBox box and two asp:LinkButton - Get (exchange rate) and Approve (client request

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Scroll by clicking and dragging inside div instead of clicking scrollbar
Category : Web Design

This CSS is for a DIV in an MVC2 application. The overflow:auto line adds a horizontal scrollbar to the div which is needed since the table in the div is very wide and extends past the edge of the page.

padding: 30px 30px 15px 30px;
overflow:auto;/* this adds horizontal scroll*/
background-color: #fff;
margin-bottom: 30px;

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Clicking on the yes checkbox shows 2 form fields, clicking no, keeps those two fields hidden. What do I do?
Category : Web Design
<TD VALIGN="top">
<LABEL FOR="disabilities">5. Do you have any disability which may limit your-----------
ability to perform the essential functions of the job
for which you are applying?<FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><SUP>*</SUP></FONT>
<TD VALIGN="top"><

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Clicking on a div inside a table header is clicking the parent header instead
Category : Web Design

I am using a jquery table plugin that sorts the rows when you click on a column header. I am trying to implement a feature where you can remove a column by clicking an 'X' inside the header. My headers look like <th><div class="remove-column">X</div>Total Cases</th>
and I have a click event listener on the remove-column class. When I click the X, instea

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Clicking a row except for the first td
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to click a table row and perform an action. However if they click the first <td> cell I do not want that to perform the action.

Here is the code I have so far:

jQuery('#dyntable tbody tr').live('click', function () {
nTr = jQuery(this)[0];
openMessage(oTable, nTr);

This works a

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How to See a GIF Without Clicking on It
Category : Computers
Locating a file is simple when you can preview it. Windows 7 offers a preview pane with the Explorer window. You can see a snapshot of the content within a file without opening the file and the associated software program for it. This feature is particularly helpful when you are searching for an image. Rather than opening several GIF files to find the one you want, you can view the preview pane fo

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Clicking on a div tag
Category : Programming Languages

I am using WWW::Scripter to grab a page written with javascript/ajax, the "link" to the next page is a div tag, I can get the tag but cannot seem to figure out a way to click on it to get to the next page.. Any suggestions?

my $w = new WWW::Scripter;
my $loop = 1;
my $page = 1;
while ($loop) {

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Open an app when clicking on a url iOS
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm wondering if there is a way to open an app when clicking on a link in safari (or other browser) in iOS.

My app posts the name of a location, a screenshot on Twitter/Facebook which also has a link. I need to detect when the user clicks that link if he is on a pc or iOS device. If they're not on iOS device I want to continue to the linked page otherwise I want to open the app and

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