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Handling window.close event using javascript and executing rails action after the close
Category : Javascript

I have to handle an action (ruby on rails) when i close the window (using X button) .. can i do this through javascript.??

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onhover open a popup but it close only when i click on rest of the page or close button
Category : Programming Languages

onhover open a popup but it close only when i click on rest of the page or close button

$('#promo').mouseover(function() {
$('#closebtn').click(function() {

here is the fiddle :

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Colorbox doesn't close immediately if calling print() prior to close — why?
Category : Web Design

I'm using Colorbox in iframe mode, and am seeing an odd issue that I would appreciate some help in figuring out. My iframe contains a form and another iframe (which contains a preview of the content to be printed), and on my submit handler for the form, I want to invoke window.print() on the embedded iframe and then close the colorbox. My code is hooked up like so:


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How to close xpages in notes client? I use CSJS window.close but it's not working
Category : Web Design

I'm doing an xpinc application.

I followed the example in here and modified it. Currently the close button is on my main page.

The customer wanted a close button instead of the normal 'X' to close. But the example suggests that I should create 2 xpages.

On page1 I should create a button with window.open(xpage2.xsp) and only then window.c

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How do I close a window after the user clicks on the close button in file upload?
Category : Web Design

We have a requirement to close the popup window itself when the user clicks on the cancel button in the file upload.


popup.html contains <input type="file".

Now we have a requirement that when a user clicks on the cancel button in the file upload window popup.html should also be closed.

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Hide frame instead of close when user click on close button of the window
Category : Programming Languages

I have an application which shows a window. Instead of closing window when user presses on "Close" button I want just to hide this window, how can I do this?

Here is my code (it does not work, the app is closed on click):

object UxMonitor {
def main(args: Array[String]) {
val frame = new MainScreen()

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how can i close the resultSet, prepareStatement, conn in several methods below to avoid rs close and connection pool getting jammed
Category : Programming Languages

the whole data operation is below. i want to close close each and every resource without interfering with the next connection. should i change the constructor to a connection() mthod then have a disconnect() mthod, but after doing so where should i

public class DataBean{
private Connection conn = null;
private ResultSet res = null;
private InitialConte

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Hold the command prompt until user close it from close button
Category : Programming Languages

I going to get the command prompt from my C# application to compile some C++ files. Code is like this.

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string filePath = @"C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0VCincl.exe";

But After i click the button it

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How to close an oracle db connection from php on an apache server? I mean close instantly
Category : PHP

Usually closing a connection is simply done by oci_close($connection); or in a worse case when the php script ends the connection pass away.

In my case however, I face a different behavior.

If I access my application which uses PHP 5.2.8, Apache 2.2.11 and oci8 1.2.5, the connection is kept during several minutes.

Actually it seems to: if I lau

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How to Close Sqlite Connection without explicitly calling Close Method using .NET
Category : Programming Languages

I am creating desktop application in winform that will use Sqlite Database.

So I created Sqlite Helper class that uses System.Data.SQLite and each method of that Helper class opens and closes connection.

But now I also added ability to attach additional databases but after Connection is Closed, all attached databases gets lost.

To correct this I

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