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Check if popup is closed in phone-friendly way (Checking value of .closed doesn't work)
by SeaSerpent in Web Design

If I have created a popup window using newWindow = window.open(url, name, dimensions), how can I check whether the window is closed in a way that will work on mobile browsers?

I tried using if(newWindow.closed), and this works in Chrome on a PC and works on iPhone. However, on the Android phones I have tested on, this doesn't work; the popup closes but newW

How to detect that stdout is closed (when telnet session is closed) in my program?
by changke in Programming Languages

I am developing a program on embedded Linux. My program is a deamon and has a log function that outputs the log with printf (stdout output).

So If I open a telnet session on the embedded Linux system and then launch my program I will get the output displayed in the telnet session. I am wondering what will happen to the output if I close the telnet session. Where is the

Closed database; Automatic sync causes “attempt to re-open an already-closed object: SQLiteDatabase” exception
by walkur in Programming Languages

I am creating an Android application using GreenDAO ORM, with a genericized crud service layer on top of that. I have this single file that holds static references to my DaoMaster as well as my SQLiteDatabase:

public class DATABASE {
private static final String TAG = "DATABASE";
private static SQLiteDatabase db;
private static DaoMaster.DevOpenHelper he

Database is not closed error altough closed in code
by Aires in Programming Languages

I am having a issue where I am strugling with for a few days now. It keeps giving me an error that my databased wasn't closed. I get items out of my sql db and put them in a gridview with a custom adapter. If you click on an item, it will take you to another class (answer.java). Doing nothing and hitting the back button won't cause an error, but if I call a certain function and hit the back but

Problem preserving two way object references in WCF. Error message: “The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedl
by cerebusPu in Programming Languages

edit: As mentioned in my comment I found out the reason for this problem was that the Module object has a reference back to the OrderInfo object. DataContractSerializer don't support preserving the object references by default. I have now been able get all this to work correctly. If anyone is interested contact me and I'll add it in an answer here.

.net service to .net client with shar

Resource leak: 'in' is never closed, though it IS closed
by bmg in Programming Languages

I know that there are a couple of similarly entitled questions out there, but most of them have simply forgotten to put a close() directive on their stream. This here is different.

Lets say I have the following minimal example:

public void test() throws IOException
InputStream in;
if( file.exists() )
in = n

Primepush … Can't Establish Connection, Websocket closed, reason: Connection was closed abnormally
by ChaseVoid in Development Tools & Services

I'm using:

PrimeFaces 3.4.1
Glassfish (build 5, with comet enabled, websockets disabled)
FireFox 10.0.7
Chromium 22.0.1229.94

I have PrimePush within a message-driven bean. When my MDB's onMessage() is called (which should be several times a second), I'm expecting growl notifications to appear. Also, not sure if this matters, but the MDB is

Returning IEnumerable<> from WCF service causes exception: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly
by Ryland in Web Design

When I return IEnumerable<ProgramRange> an exception is thrown:

The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

The class ProgramRange looks like this:

public partial class ProgramRange
public ProgramRange()
this.GradeVariants = new HashSet<Grad

org.dom4j.DocumentException: Stream closed Nested exception: Stream closed
by dunlop in Programming Languages

When parsing valid XML file

private static boolean isXml(FileReader f) {
try {
} catch (DocumentException e) {
logger.warn(" - File is not XML: " + e.getMessage(), e);
return false;
return true;

I can't quite understand though, why that is and can't find a

Closed socket, java.net.SocketException: Socket Closed
by soup006 in Java

I'm developing an application that allows the user to upload a file. The system executes a thread to do some stuff with that file. When the system has finished its work with the file, it allows the user to download a file that contains details of the process. There is no problem, but if you do that repeatedly the system crashes with an exception.

This is the stack trace:

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