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How to get vs goto closing html tags instead of closing '>' using Visual Studio/Express key-bindings?
by gnirpaz in Programming Languages

How to get vs goto closing html tags instead of closing '>' using Visual Studio/Express key-bindings?

Using the key-binding in Visual Studio/Express 2010 (Ctrl-[, or Ctrl-]) will take you to the matching close/open syntax marker. If on closing } it will take you to the opening { is on #endregion it takes you to the matching #region

Closing application (Acrobat, Word, Excel) after closing the last document
by Chennai in Programming Languages

I have a few functions that generate Word, Excel or PDF documents. For example, the one I'm working on is exporting a report to a PDF file. After closing the report, it opens another PDF form created with LiveCycle ES 8.2 and it fills it with data from a database. After this, the document is closed, but for some reason, the instance of Acrobat is still open in foreground with no document opened

Is closing/disposing an SqlDataReader needed if you are already closing the SqlConnection?
by AJacques in Programming Languages

I noticed This question, but my question is a bit more specific.

Is there any advantage to using

using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(conStr))
using (SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand())
// dostuff

instead of

using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(conStr

Java: ResultSet closing strategy, apart from closing it in finally
by TreVader in Databases

I am facing ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded although I am closing the resultsets in finally block. But I suspect there is some trouble with my legacy code, below is my pseudo-code

while (someCondition) {
//do something with rs1


IDE with HTML closing tag highlighting similar to closing brace
by Darren Torpey in Web Design

Is there an IDE that highlights each HTML closing tag (as you highlight over the opening tag, for example), similar to how many IDE's highlight where the opening/closing braces are for functions and such?

Closing SqlConnection without Closing SQL reader - can it cause connection Leak
by LukeG in Programming Languages

I have been using SQLDataReader for fetchig some data from a db. Once I used Reader with the the connection I am closing the connection only and not the Reader. Do we have any possibility of connection leak

Here is the code that I am using

Public Sub Get_SomeData(ByVal sCon As String,ByRef ObjectToReturn As SomeClass)
Dim sqlCon As SqlConnection = New S

event when closing a Window, but without closing it
by boonchew in Programming Languages

I want to show a "Confirm Close" window when closing the main app window, but without making it disappear. Right now I am using a windowsListener, and more specifially the windowsClosing event. But, this when using this event, the main window is closed and I want to keep it opened.

He you have a chunk of the code I am using:

To register the listener


Closing Parent without closing child
by boonchew in Programming Languages

I have a project where a setup dialog (Parent) pops. When the user hit continue a main dialog is opened (Child).
From within the main dialog the user can re-edit the setup dialog (Parent). When the user clicks on X to close the setup dialog, the application terminates.
I assume this is because we close the Parent and it disposes all its children

Is it possible to close th

How to Set-Up Escrow Accounts at Closing or After Closing
by Theo in Personal Finance
An escrow account provides a borrower with the convenience of having his taxes and insurance rolled into his monthly mortgage payment. An escrow account is typically set up at the time of closing. The bank will collect several months surplus and make the initial payments to the taxing authority or insurance company. However, even if the escrow account isn't established at closing, the borrower sti

Forms closing without pop ups(blocking popup and forcefully closing other forms) on main form exit
by chorn in Development Tools & Services

Please accept my apologies,if this question is repeatative. I searched existing questions and solutions and I didn't find exactly solution to my problem.

I'm developing winform application, I have a main form1, which creates form2. Form2 has close button and overidden FormClosing() method to prompt confirmation popup,which works perfectly.

When I want to close form1(whi


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