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Definition of page component template '$' of 'ApplicationSummaryPage' is invalid, params must be either a Closure, or Map and Closure
by Cenneca in Development Tools & Services

Below is my Geb Page, Spec and Error. I am not sure where and what the issue is. When I remove the below from the ApplicationSummaryPage then I doesn't get this error.

ds(wait: true)
{ module DatasourceInformationRow, $("table.ic-table-creditReportProduct table tr", it) }
class ApplicationSummaryPage extends Page
static url = "application-su

pass loop parameters to closure inside closure
by taekeun in Web Design

I'm trying to give the for loop parameter i to the inner closure because I want to identify my decoded audio (that's put inside buffer).

This code gives an error: e is undefined. It works however when removing the )(test) by which I mean that test is equal to list.length for all the results however I want them to have the value of the current parameter i when called.

html5, angularJS with closure compiler and/or closure library
by Javed in Web Design

I'm considering html5, angularJS for data binding and also google closure compiler and the closure library for interactive web applications. Do those work nicely together? Unfortunately there seem to be no detailed reports up to now.

I have adobe flex experience, but I'm fairly new to pure js. So the questions can be considered to be from a beginner's perspective. There is no codeba

Is an object captured by closure when its field is used in the closure in c#
by ruby-on-rails in C & C++ & C#

If an anonymous method captures a field of an object, would that whole object be caputed and not being garbarge collected?

So following is a snippet, what I want to know is whether SessionKeeper will hold the object f as long as the anonymous method is not explicited removed from the list :

class Foo
public String State { get; set; }
public vo

Is this an example of a closure in C#?
by InfiniteLurker in C & C++ & C#
static void Main(string[] args)
var s = 3;
Func<int, Func<int>> func =
x => () =>
return x;
var result1 = func(s);
func = null;
s = 5;
var result2 = result1();

My understan

How to Get Closure
by PeterYunZhang in Health
Losing a loved one or having a relationship end is a difficult thing to endure. Getting closure once you have suffered any tragedy or losss is key to getting your life back together and moving on to happiness and fulfillment.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Identify the issue with which you need closure. Sometimes there are a few things that need to be resolved, but make sure to find closure wit
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can not use Closure right
by yaplik in Web Design

I wrote JS function and it must bind the buttons it generates depending on values in the array.
But it gives me the last value. I read that i had to use closure, I did, and I'm still not able to bind them right!
I'm still a beginner
I read about closure, I got the idea but still did not know what I'm missing

function addNewServices(newServicesArray){
TAGS : Closure right

Is this a closure in javascript?
by rbonestell in Javascript

I defined event 'on' to my object ( newobj )

In the event on I need access to this member that I saved it before.

The issue that I don't get this value in on event. ( doesn't exist )

I thought that I need to add closure I tried to add it but it didn't work.

Could you advise me what is the problem ?

Basic code

create :

Javascript closure
by AJ. in Web Design

Here is a code

var collection = (function (){
var x = 0;
return {
y : x,
get : function(){return x},
set : function(n) { x = n}

Why collec

is this a closure in JavaScript as Im not sure?
by CakeMonster in Javascript

Is this a closure in JavaScript?

var test = function(b){
var a = 1;
return function(b){
a + b
var c = test(2);

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