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PHP application in cloud sites not able to access the memcached running at cloud server - rackspace
by Edo in Programming Languages

I am running a php application(Yii) in rackspace cloud sites. I have installed a memcached server at rackspace cloud server which is running. The problem, i am not able to access the memcache. I am getting the following errors

Memcache::get() [<a href='memcache.get'>memcache.get</a>]: Server xx.xx.xxx.xxx (tcp 11211) failed with: A connection attempt failed because

Cloud computing usage pattern. Can I have some port open within an app running in a cloud?
by Matt Willtrout in Web Design

I'm developing a small web service which will partially rely on SMTP and FTP servers. I'm interested is it possible for me to create an app that will run within a cloud and still have some port open? I know I can forward request to a cloud after a request to port is made but is it possible to be handled by cloud from the beginning?

Issue in Uploading Files to Cloud Server(dailymotion cloud)
by OGG in Programming Languages

I want to upload a file to my cloud server at dailymotion (http://www.dmcloud.net). I have written some JSP code to programmatically upload the file, but am having problems uploading the video file to the server.

I am not getting any errors and all is going smoothly but when i try to open my account in dmcloud.net its shows nothing. So i don't know where the issue is.

Are there any portable Cloud APIs that allow you to easily change cloud hosts?
by Ohio in Development Tools & Services

I am creating a web-based RESTful service and want to cloud-enable it for scalability.

I don't want to get locked into one cloud provider though. I'd like to be able to switched between Go Grid or Amazon EC2, etc. as pricing and needs evolve.

Is there a common API to control the launch, monitoring and shutdown of cloud resources?

I've seen Right Scale, but t

Making an azure cloud project work on/off the cloud?
by enginecrew in Coding

What are the steps required to make a project developed for azure (also) deploy-able off the cloud, for example on a Windows Server computer? My project has 2 worker roles. One is basically a data-miner, and the other hosts a (self-hosted) WCF service. It uses the Azure Table Service, Queue and Blob Service. How would these elements translate off the cloud ? A SQL Database or maybe a NoSql appr

Cloud Agnostic Tool On Any IaaS Based Cloud
by Jorgemr in Web Design

Is there any technology like CloudFormation for aws that would work on any IaaS based cloud to do the same thing? I mean you write it once and then it runs on any IaaS based cloud platform like azure, aws, openstack, and so on?

cloud drive vs. cloud files (or should we not bother?)
by cbridi in Programming Languages

The web application is in the process of moving from a standalone server to a pair of servers behind a load-balancer, and contains a 50GB directory of user-created data that is growing rapidly. On rackspace, the only way to add disk space dynamically is by also doubling RAM and monthly cost, which isn't necessary. So, to cloud files it is (unless anyone has another solution in mind?). Using Jun

Public-Private Cloud (Hybrid Cloud)
by John Tate in Coding

Let's assume that I have a limited budget to make a small in-house private cloud. Now I want to be able to combine this private cloud with one of the public clouds (e.g. Amazon EC2). what options do I have?

More specifically I want to be able to do the following:

1) use my private cloud primarily but if the request rate or size of datasets increased, transfer part of th

Cloud mutual exclusion: Cloud based concurrency involving read/write to shared data (SQL data)
by nascentmind in Coding

Background: We have an Azure .NET application where we need to register a single "front end" user with multiple back end providers. Since this registration takes longer, we offload it to worker role and there are multiple worker roles. All data is stored in Azure SQL and we're using Entity Framework 5.0 as our ORM. The way we're currently setup, we read from SQL dB => process in worker role cod

Hybrid Cloud vs Federated Cloud
by goffi in Programming Languages

Is there any difference between Hybrid Cloud and Federated Cloud?

As well I read a lot the word "Intercloud". I understand it as a vision of several huge federated clouds each for special purposes. Is that right?

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