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How to Purchase Additional Vacation Club Points for Disney Vacation Club
by mg. in Travel
The Disney Vacation Club is a time-share type prepaid vacation program created in 1991 where members receive an annual allotment of points that can be redeemed for travel to one of the eight participating Disney-themed resorts, Disneyland parks in California, Florida or Paris, the Disney cruise line and more than 500 exchange getaways. Disney and independent sellers will allow you to buy more poin

Club-Mate doesn't fit Club-Mate in elasticsearch
by Keeper in Programming Languages

This is my Stack:

Rails 3.2.6
MongoID ~> 2.5
Tire 0.4.2
ElasticSearch Server

I have a couple thousand products I want to index in elastic search. This is my mapping:

mapping do
indexes :name, analyzer: 'snowball', boost: 100
indexes :description, analyzer: 'snowball'

Unfortunately the search resul

How to Use the Club for Your Car
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Cars
The Club is a steering wheel locking device that can deter a thief from trying to steal your vehicle. This device locks the steering wheel and prevents any sort of movement. You can purchase it automotive stores or online. According to the Everett Police Department in Washington, the Club can be installed in seconds and is effective in preventing vehicle thefts. Make sure you are sitting in the ve
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About Sam's Club
by Idaho in Business
Sam's Club is a very popular discount club store. As a club store, Sam's Club requires that shopppers purchase memberships to shop in their stores and purchase items for reduced prices. Sam's Club has several competitors throughout the United States, including companies such as BJ's and Costco. HistorySam's Club was created by Sam Walton, who is also the founder of Wal-Mart. The first Sam's C
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Activities for a Pen Pal Club
by iNate2000 in Relationships & Family
With the rise of the Internet also came the rise of pen pal clubs. These clubs are often catered toward young adults, as it helps them build relationships with people from across the country or across the globe. Pen pal clubs have a variety of activities, but most of them center around the basics of letter writing. Some pen pal clubs use email, while others stick to the more traditional route of s
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Art Club Activities
by itsmegb in Arts & Entertainment
Art clubs are a way for schools to offer creative students a form of art instruction when conventional art classes aren't in the budget or the curriculum. They also bring artists or hobbyists together to compare work, share in the cost of materials and participate in different group events. Group ShowsA group show is one way to get all of the artists in an art club working toward a common goal
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How to Incorporate a Club
by NextInLine in Business
Incorporating a club is a good way to insulate members of the club from any personal liability. If, for example, you're running a baseball league for little kids, and someone gets hit in the head with a ball, the corporation is responsible--not the personal members of the club. It's fairly easy to incorporate a club, but it does require a significant amount of paperwork, and someone who's willing
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How to Set Up a Wine Club
by Deledrius in Culture & Society
For those who have never heard of a wine club, it is kind of like a sophisticated version of a book club for adults. It is an informal gathering of friends who enjoy wine where they can taste and sample many different varieties of this tasty drink and enjoy each other's company. If you are looking to start a wine club, you don't need much more than some good friends and even better wine.Difficulty
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How to Hip-Hop Club Dance
by kiirpi in Arts & Entertainment
Hip-hop has become the predominant dance style in clubs. Before hitting the dance floor, you can learn some hip-hop moves to fit in. When you envision hip-hop, you probably imagine dance scenes from the movie "Step Up" or rap videos, but basic combinations work just as well on the dance floor. If you are just learning how to hip-hop, a simple movement is the best place to start to blend in on the
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Gun Club PS2 Cheats
by fletchnj in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"NRA Gun Club" for the Playstation 2 is a target-shooting game, similar in style to the classic "Duck Hunt" for Nintendo. The user can choose from about 100 different guns to use them in various shooting ranges and aim at a variety of targets. It is a nonviolent video game, in that the user is only targeting objects and not living things. There are several cheats available for users of the Action
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