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How to Purchase Additional Vacation Club Points for Disney Vacation Club
Category : Travel
The Disney Vacation Club is a time-share type prepaid vacation program created in 1991 where members receive an annual allotment of points that can be redeemed for travel to one of the eight participating Disney-themed resorts, Disneyland parks in California, Florida or Paris, the Disney cruise line and more than 500 exchange getaways. Disney and independent sellers will allow you to buy more poin

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Club-Mate doesn't fit Club-Mate in elasticsearch
Category : Programming Languages

This is my Stack:

Rails 3.2.6
MongoID ~> 2.5
Tire 0.4.2
ElasticSearch Server

I have a couple thousand products I want to index in elastic search. This is my mapping:

mapping do
indexes :name, analyzer: 'snowball', boost: 100
indexes :description, analyzer: 'snowball'

Unfortunately the search resul

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About Sam's Club
Category : Business
Sam's Club is a very popular discount club store. As a club store, Sam's Club requires that shopppers purchase memberships to shop in their stores and purchase items for reduced prices. Sam's Club has several competitors throughout the United States, including companies such as BJ's and Costco. HistorySam's Club was created by Sam Walton, who is also the founder of Wal-Mart. The first Sam's C

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How to Use the Club for Your Car
Category : Cars
The Club is a steering wheel locking device that can deter a thief from trying to steal your vehicle. This device locks the steering wheel and prevents any sort of movement. You can purchase it automotive stores or online. According to the Everett Police Department in Washington, the Club can be installed in seconds and is effective in preventing vehicle thefts. Make sure you are sitting in the ve

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How to Organize a Gun Club
Category : Sports & Fitness
Shooting guns with others who share the passion for firearms, whether for hunting or target practice, develops friendships and bonds, and promotes experience and knowledge about gun maintenance, safety and shooting skills. Those considering starting a gun club, whether the club is for hunting, target shooting, or both, need to consider several factors before proceeding. Diligent research and prepa

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How to Get Rid of My Club on Vaio
Category : Computers
The My Life software on your Sony Vaio was implemented to give the computer an edge when running the Windows Vista operating system. Someone might want to delete this software from his system if he wanted to upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system without doing a full reformat of his hard drive. Deleting the My Life software is not very hard when you use the Windows uninstaller.Difficulty:EasyIn

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Organizing a Dog Club
Category : Pets
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How to Use The Club to Keep Your Car Safe
Category : Cars
The Club is an anti-theft device aimed at preventing a would-be car thief from driving away with your vehicle. It works by locking your steering wheel in place and making the car unable to turn, therefore making it an undesirable target for car thieves seeking a fast getaway. There are a number of different models of The Club on the market, but the most popular is The Original Club. It installs in

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The Best Club Shirts
Category : Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Fashionable nightclub shirts have changed through the decades, but the best ones have one thing in common: They tend to make a statement. Whether you head to the club for a casual night out or a glamorous affair, the right shirt will accent your bottom. Designers from the world's fashion capitals have made it a point to include distressed, studded and color-blocked tops in their recent collections

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How to Get Rid of Forex Club
Category : Personal Finance
Forex trading is the exchanging of money in the foreign currency market. While some might find this extremely profitable, others may not have the aptitude for it. There are many trading brokers and software programs to work with. One of those is Forex Club. Forex Club uses registration to their trial software in order to sign you up to trade with them. If you feel like forex trading is not for you

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