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I need some clues using chart
by wraith in Programming Languages

I'm n00bie. so sorry if it would be not an appropriate question for some of you. Maybe someone would help me tho. I wanna develop an easy tool with some controls and ajax-updatable chart(based on MVC) in C#/.net. I have found a simple and clean tutorial.But it was wirtitten in 2010. I'm wondering if it is kinda modern? Or has changed anything and this style is already old? I'm especially int

Clues to Help With Reading
by TheVrolok in Education
Everyone knows it's good to read, but not everyone does it. Reading is a skill that requires a little practice much like weightlifting or exercising -- you can acquire strength and speed the longer you keep at it. Discover some basic clues to help with reading, then enjoy that novel you always wanted to read. Prereading TechniqueThere are a few things you can do to essentially prepare for readi

About Blue's Clues
by Ari in Arts & Entertainment
Blue's Clues was a half-hour television show on the Nickelodeon network, geared toward preschool-aged children, that aired from 1996 to 2006. It won nine Emmy awards, mostly due to its groundbreaking episode structure, integration of early childhood learning concepts and interactive narration. Blue's Clues also received critical acclaim for its innovative use of "green screen" technology and com
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Clues That a Guy Likes a Woman
by Rafael V. Souza in Relationships & Family
Dating and attraction are complicated concepts. Many people find it difficult to express their feelings for someone, especially if it is uncertain whether that person will reciprocate. However, there are behaviors and mannerisms that men will show when they like a woman. Knowing these observable actions can bring insight into a guy's thoughts and ultimately help you decide whether to ask him out o

How to Give People Clues That You Like Them
by Ed. in Relationships & Family
When you take an interest in someone, it's common not to know the best approach to let him or her know how you feel. Rejection is usually the first thing that goes through your mind, wondering if the other person will scoff at your advances or, worse, run away laughing. However, you'll never know whether the feeling is mutual unless you give subtle clues that you're an admirer.Difficulty:Moderatel

How to Identify Context Clues
by l2ez4m in Education
Vocabulary building is a life-long activity. No one knows every word in any language. Learning to recognize context clues in text and conversations can help you learn new words without needing to stop reading or interrupt the conversation. All it takes is a little thought and practice and a willingness to read or listen ahead to see if additional information will add enough clues for you to learn

How to Make a Treasure Map With Clues
by seventy6 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Treasure hunts appeal to people's love of mystery, history and found objects. Creating treasure maps with compelling clues can engage individuals of all ages. Creating a treasure map and resultant adventurous treasure hunt requires some creativity, but understanding a few simple tips for making a realistic map and planting cool clues, you can make a treasure map that your friends and family will l

Clues & Tips for Wii Fit Games
by eroi in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Wii Fit" gets players off the couch and onto an accompanying balance board peripheral to complete calorie-burning exercises. This 2007 Nintendo Wii title includes a variety of activities, from yoga to strength training to balance games that will have you swiveling in Hula-Hoops and skiing down mountain slopes. Complete initial games and exercises to unlock more activities. Hula-HoopThe Hula-Ho
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Clues That an Oil Tank Is Buried Outside
by Nate Bedortha in Home & Garden
Underground oil tanks are a liability to a homeowner if not properly inspected. All oil tanks eventually fail because they are made from materials that deteriorate over time. They are often abandoned to avoid the cost of properly removing it. Finding an underground tank is done by observing the clues at hand. Oil Heated HomeInspect the basement and exterior of the home for an oil tank. If you c

Clues and Tips That He Doesn't Want to Be With You
by eb. in Relationships & Family
A man never tells a woman he is dating that he doesn't want a long-term relationship and is only seeing her because it is convenient for him. He also certainly won't admit that as soon as it stops being convenient, he will dump her. Women, therefore, have to read the warning signs to protect themselves against the army of Lotharios prowling the world seeking women they can use and discard. He i

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