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CodeGolf: Brothers
by dfuze in Development Tools & Services

I just finished participating in the 2009 ACM ICPC Programming Conest in the Latinamerican Finals. These questions were for Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, etc.

My team and I could only finish two questions out of the eleven (not bad I think for the first try).

Here's one we could finish. I'm curious to seeing any variations to the code. The question in full: ps: These questions

File Fix-it codegolf (GCJ 2010 1B-A)
by green in Development Tools & Services

Last year (2009), the Google Code Jam featured an interesting problem as the first problem in Round 1B: Decision Tree

As the problem seemed tailored for Lisp-like languages, we spontaneously had an exciting codegolf here on SO, in which a few languages managed to solve the problem in fewer characters than any Lisp variety, using quite a number of different techniques.


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Does codegolf make a better programmer - or is it even useful?
by rituraj in Web Design

I have kept an eye on quite a few of the code golf questions on stack overflow, now i am a programmer constantly learning and developing (As i think is natural) but it bugs me to create code in as few code strokes as possible, is it really useful? it's almost un-readable and un-manageable, other than maybe the challenge or "fun" is code golf really useful?

I can see the element of t

Insert multiple items into List or Array (no Linq and not quite CodeGolf)
by Roman in Programming Languages

No matter how I try, I can't seem to create a nice and clean algorithm for doing the following:

System.Array (or generic List) data of System.Object
System.Array (or generic List) xval of System.Object
System.Array (or generic List) idxs of System.Int32

xval and idxs contain the same number of elements and idxs contains no values less than zero or larger than data.Len


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