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How Codename One works?
by vb.net in Mobile Programming

I'm prospecting alternatives to develop for multiple mobile platforms, and have found Codename One, that uses Java as lingua franca, instead of HTML/CSS/JS or scripting languages.

What I couldn't find is how does it work. Does it bundle a JVM with the application for iOS and Win7, and uses Dalvik in Android? Does it translates source code to native, and do we have access to this so

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Microsoft Codename?
by boobytrapped in Web Design

Today I was walking at the MSDN Forums and I see two very strange forums, Microsoft Codename 'Oslo' and Microsoft Codename 'Dublin', what is this? what they do?

Codename One List Containing Lists
by acacio in Programming Languages

Note: anywhere I refer to a List in this question, I am talking about com.codename1.ui.List.

Can I use Codename One's GUI Designer to put a List in a List and then populate each sub-list with its own data?

I can define a Container in the GUI Designer and put a List in it (I'll call it InnerList

Codename one builds failing
by Frank Bradley in Web Design

I am trying to port my lwuit app to codenameone.

I have used a json package in the application. (org.json.me). This package is actually part of json jar and contains classes to manipulate json files.

The application was working fine when I used to make J2ME builds with LWUIT.

In the codename one emulator also, the application is working without any issues.

How to get the codename of android os version
by Ka0t1x in Android

I have retrieved the android version by String androidVersion = Build.VERSION.RELEASE

Now i want that if my version is 4.0 i should get IceCreamSandwich instead of 4.0 in a string variable at runtime.Please help if there is any API for codename. Thanks in advance.
My sample code is:

String androidVersion = Build.VERSION.RELEASE.toString();

Difference between JDK, J2EE and J2SE codename
by Tridnewly in Programming Languages

I have see the same topics here and some topics on other sites, but I'm really still confuse how Sun names those version.

Here is my knownledge about those codename. Please see it and correct for me:

JDK: stands for Java Development Kit can be know as the most basic of Java, use to develop client side application (such as desktop application (use Swing, awt, ...) or Appl

how to build j2me applications using codename one?
by Baskaran in Web Design

I create a new netbeans codename one project and it runs on codename emulator but when i build the broject the application does not work on j2me device because there is no MIDlet.
there is an option called send j2me build but it is not available in my country i cant even signup for some
political reasons how to solve this problem ?
thank for any help.

Performing an action on first install in codename one
by ugufugu in Web Design

I am building an app with codename one

So, I basically want to send a SMS the first time a user installs the app.

SO i do it this way.

1)Check if a "firstRUN" storage file exists.

2)If it does not, create that file and send SMS. If it does, just start the app.

SO far, so good.

But now the dilemma is:

If the use

Codename one's VKB not showing in android build
by mvonballmo in Android

I have installed an android build of codename one on motorola atrix.

Now I have a textfield. WHen I click on the textfield, android's keyboard shows up.

I don't want that. I want to show Codename One's key board(white and transparent). How do i do that?

accessing codename one resource editor elements
by plonk420 in Web Design

I am trying to quickly create a mock up app using CODENAME ONE

I am finding the resource editor difficult to understand.

1) I create a form and place a button on it.

2) I created another form with the message "Hellow World"

3) I add an action event to the button on FORM 1 using the resource editor and netbeans opens up with a method implementing

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