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How to check if two System.Drawing.Color structures represent the same color in 16 bit color depth?
by RoBo in Programming Languages

How can I check if two System.Drawing.Color structures represent the same color in 16 bit color depth (or generally based on the value of Screen.PrimaryScreen.BitsPerPixel)?

Let's say I set Form.TransparencyKey to Value1 (of Color type), I want to check that when the user selects a new background color for the form (Value2), I don't set the entire form transparent.

On 32

How to change the viewcontroller's background color from gray color to setting's color?
by billputer in Programming Languages

I'm trying to change the viewcontroller's color.

Someone let me know like following.

- (void)viewDidLoad
[super viewDidLoad];
self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor groupTableViewBackgroundColor];

Here is AppDelegate.m

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDic

How to change the background color of <tr> to a color and then back to it's default color using JavaScript?
by Dave Lievense in Javascript

I have a <table> that is populated from a mysql database using php. The <tr style="background-color:;"> is stored in the database for each record. I have made a small Javascript so that when the user selects (onfocus) or deselects (onblur) the <input>, the <tr>

possible to have a background color transition from color A to color B without repeating a pixel stick?
by gorbiz in Web Design

For things like menubars and headers, a background color is nice.

But a background color that gracefully transitions from say Blue to White is even nicer.

I know this can be done by making a 1-pixel wide, X-pixel tall image file containing the desired fade and repeating it across the div, but does CSS have native support to just define colors and be done with it?

Does a Color Television Work by Color Addition or by Color Subtraction?
by redblacktree in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A color television works on the principle of color addition. When two or more different colors of light are added together, our brains perceive them as a new color. A color television exploits this effect using tiny closely-spaced dots which emit light in three primary colors. The dots are so close together that the eye sees a uniform color. By varying the proportion and amount of light of each co

PhpStorm IDE Color Issue, Differentiate Single Quoted Color from Double Quoted Color
by Philippines in Programming Languages

I need to know how to make PhpStorm differentiate the color of single quoted strings from double quoted strings.

Like let's say I want double quote string to be in green and single quote strings to be in red like this:

$stringgreen = "This String is Green Color";
$stringred = 'This String is Red Color';

given a background color, how to get a foreground color that make it readable on that background color?
by J.W. Mosley in Development Tools & Services

given a background color, how to get a foreground color that make it readable on that background color?

ps: I mean computing that foreground color automatically in a program.

or simplify the problem, if the foreground color is chosen from white/blank, how to do the choise in a program?

Listbox item's text color change to current Accent color after tap event
by NesuD in Programming Languages

The problem is illustrated here:

I don't know what's causing this problem, Same XML was used in a ScrollView instead of a ListBox without any problems, When I switched to ListBox, the problem appeared.

Here's part of the XML (there're actually 114 Grids, I'm only showing now some of th

How to make wpf DataGridRow selected color override bound background color of DataGridCell?
by micaleel in Programming Languages

I have a DataGridTemplateColumn that defines a TextBlock which has bound Background and Foreground properties. This allows the colors to change based on the value of the bound property. So far so good, except I want the default selected row color to override my bound background color. How can I do this in xaml?

<DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Text">

List view item color highlight like the change in color on Touch mode
by TheMoo in Web Design

What function is required to change the list view item color like the change in color highlight in touched mode of that list. After a long search in ListView class I am not able to find it so please help

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