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Mootools tween colour transition rejected for element children when colour specifically set in CSS
by tommy in Web Design

For your testing pleasure: http://jsfiddle.net/EnJSM/

Notice that if the "color: #6CB5FF;" was to be removed, the transition would work normally, instead it just works for the second part of the line.

I'm curious to how the solution turns out to be.

jquery : alternate row colour in table except cell with class to keep background colour
by msmy300z in Web Design

I am new to jquery. I have this in my code:

$("tbody tr:odd ").addClass("alt");

with css:

tbody tr.alt td {
background-color: #e6EEEE;

I have a cell in table with

<td class="coloron">

Right now, the every other row command is over riding my class="coloron".

Changing colour of legend text same as mentioned colour of geom_point() using ggplot2
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages

I have legend having three values namely - high low med.

I want the colour of text high to same as shape object i.e blue and low as red and
med as green
Colour are mentioned in geom_point().

Is it possible to change the colour of legend text?

How to change tiles colour on hover and revert to default on mouse out without affecting text colour?
by Gerhard Miller in Programming Languages

I need some help regarding the following tutorial

So my question is - How to change tiles background colour on hover and revert to default on mouse out without affecting text colour?

I've tried to get in touch with this tutorials author but didn't get any answer.
Could someone help pls?

Change colour of cells based on colour of another call. Excel
by Sankarsan Bose in Programming Languages

I have the following

Table 1
name Colour
James red
John blue

I also have

table 2

I need to colour the cell in Table 2 with the colour used in table 1. So I need to find the name in table 2 that matches the name in table 1, then match it up with the colour value associated to

Dynamic background colour and child element colour inheritance
by Braxos in Programming Languages

I have a page where the background colour can be set dynamically. In some instances I have child divs I would like to use background-color:inherit to keep them the same colour as the body.

What I find is that when the body background colour is changed, the inherited colours aren't consistently cascaded. It appears to be ok in Firefox but not in Chrome or IE.

In firefox

Default window colour Tkinter and hex colour codes
by scott.sizemore in Programming Languages

I would like to know the default window colour in Tkinter when you simply create a window:

root = Tk()

If there is one, it is possible to set widgets to the same colour or use a hex colour code? (using rgb)

The colour code I have found for the 'normal' window is:

R = 240, G = 240, B = 237


CSS: How to prevent Background colour to be overwritten by colour from less-file
by Magic Carpet in Web Design

I am working with this page.

The stylesheet-files and most of the design are written by another programmer.
In frogn.css the background-color is set that should be used for the outside area of the page (in which there is no information). E.g. like here.

In the page I am working with, the background-color is overwritten by the color from b

how to change background colour and text colour of progressdialog
by ShintaiDK in Programming Languages

I have tried all style to change the following color and text of progressdialog
i have refer to an article but it is giving me only loader,text and title is missing
How to center progress indicator in ProgressDialog easily (when no title/text passed along)
here is the link i have tried various style to make my pregreesdialog to normal style like

<style name="Ne

Get HTML colour code of a colour from a .png file?
by Keoki619 in Web Design

I have a .png file containing a colour, is it possible to find it's equivalent HTML color code using any Tool/Software/Website?

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