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How to detect colours and then apply colours while working with .xlsx(excel-2007) files on python 3.2(windows 7)
Category : Programming Languages

I am parsing .xlsx files using openpyxl.While writing into the xlsx files i need to maintain the same font colour as well as cell colour as was present in the cells of my input .xlsx files.Any idea how to extract the colour coding from the cell and then implement the same in another excel file.Thanks in advance

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Different background colours using four colours in a pattern
Category : Programming Languages

I have a set of four colours and I'm wondering if it's possible to change the colour of a div in pattern using these four colours as a loop. So, for example:

div1 = red
div2 = blue
div3 = green
div4 = yellow
[starts over]
div5 = red
div2 = blue
div3 = green... and so on.

I'm thinking jQuery/JS would be best. I tried using nth-childs etc

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Changing TabView default colours and search bar default colours
Category : Programming Languages

okay i'm looking for a way to be able to change the orange colour that appears when you click on a tab in Android TabView
and change the orange border colour around a search bar... anyideas how to do something like that?

thats my main tab View

<TabHost xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

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Hex web colours
Category : Programming Languages

Hi I am displaying a colour as a hex value in php . Is it possible to vary the shade of colour by subtracting a number from the hex value ? What I want to do it display vivid web safe colour but if selected I want to dull or lighten the colour. I know I can just use two shades of colour but I could hundred of potential colours .

to be clear #66cc00 is bright green and #99ffcc is a

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RGB colours from a .csv file R
Category : Programming Languages

I am concerned with the follwing issue: I have a .csv file with the RGB colours of my companies corporate design.

cols <- read.table("cols.csv")

as you don't have the file, some info



'data.frame': 66 obs. of 1 variable:
$ V1: Factor w/ 66 levels "0,0,0","0,122,155",..: 1 64 5 20

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How do I Blend Colours like This?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm writing a tool to assist with modding new characters into the game Crusader Kings II and I'm a bit stuck on colouring the hair and beards.

The game starts with a texture like this:

It then blends it with three colours - a shadow, a base, and a highlight, such as:

Dark: 10, 10, 10
Base: 125, 85, 56
Highlight: 255, 255, 255


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Possible combinations of colours
Category : Web Design

Say I have a list of 2 colours, Black and White. It's only possible to have 1 combination using these colours, because you can't have two of the same.

If I have 3 colours (Black, White and Red), there are 3 possible combination (Black+White, Black+Red, White+Red).

If I have 4 colours, there are 5 possible combinations and if I have 5 colours there are 10 possible combina

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asp.net Chart colours
Category : Programming Languages

How to set the grid/text colour of an asp:chart?

I'm refering to the colour of the gridlines and the colour of the text on the x and y axis?

Basically I want the black grid and black text below to be shown as white.

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C++ OpenGL - Colours
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to draw an 8-bit style games character (link from Zelda) as i'm practicing OpenGL.
I've started with his face, which is the big square to the right, and have drawn his eye which is two blocks to the right of the start of his face... (6 blocks, the 2 left most is an eye)

The top of the eye (the block above the green block) should be dark green (see code) but it keeps

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R: 4D plot, x, y, z, colours
Category : Programming Languages

Could you give me an example on how to use rgl to plot 3 variables at the axes x, y and z and a fourth one with different colours?


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