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Query to find the record with most matching columns, where the number of columns and names of columns is unknown?
by teabagbrewster in Databases

I have two tables, X and Y, with identical schema but different records. Given a record from X, I need a query to find the closest matching record in Y that contains NULL values for non-matching columns. Identity columns should be excluded from the comparison. For example, if my record looked like this:

id | col1 | col2 | col3

How to bind dataGridView predefined columns with columns from sql statement (without adding new columns)?
by Raghu in Programming Languages

Is there a elegant way, to bind predefined dataGridView columns with results from sql statement?


dataGridView1.Columns.Add("EID", "ID");
dataGridView1.Columns.Add("FName", "FirstName");

some sql like SELECT t.FirstName as FName, t.EmpID as EID FROM table t ...

and then I call dataGridView1.DataSource =

DB2: How to print few columns with conversion along with all other columns without having to write all the names of the columns?
by Piriya in Databases

I have a table having 10 columns, with id, f_name, l_name ..... low_range, high_range, ...

I want to write a query which will print all my table, but just this low_range and high_range to be converted in hex.

I know two things:

1. We can write all the column names and replacing the
low_range with hex(low_range) and high_range with high_range.
In XlSM excel workbook how to remove data from some columns without affecting formula and its value in the columns in POI
by James Lupiani in Programming Languages

Working on XLSM workbook in that on im trying to remove data from columns leaving formula containing columns using POI.how to achieve this.

How to compare two columns in Excel (from different sheets) and copy values from a corresponding column if the first two columns match?
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

I'm trying to compare column a in Sheet 1 with column a in Sheet 2, then copy corresponding values in column b from sheet 1 to column b in Sheet 2 (where the column a values match). I've been trying to read up on how to do this, but I'm not sure if I should be trying to create a macro, or if there's a simpler way to do this, maybe VLOOKUP or MATCH? I'm really not familiar with how these functio

reading first 4 columns from a multiple text files (which might have unbalance number of columns by rows) in r
by DrMrLordX in Web Design

I have the following like text (csv) files to read, where first four columns are of my interest but after that I have alot of junk. I just want to read first four columns into R.

I want first four columns, so that output (csv opened in excel) would look like:

I could not paste the whole file nor attach it due to limitations of SO. Here is smal

DataGridView - reordering columns through control trigger reorder columns in bound source
by Verbal in Programming Languages

I'm using VB.Net with VS 2012. I have a DGV that's bound to a datatable within a dataset. The DGV can be updated by the user, which updates the datatable bound to the DGV. This all works fine, my problem can be described in the user flow below:

User opens DGV
User reorders rows by clicking the header column in the DGV
A. Columns arrange and display appropriately

how to arrange html <table> columns dynamically based on columns sequence given in search
by Zack Harvey in Web Design

I have to diplay output results in table format but columns arrangement is not fixed it can vary depending on user preference.
can anyone please help me in this

Related boolean columns — separate columns or bitpacked into an integer column?
by DevTim in Databases

Hello I have a database for a certain record where it needs to store a 1 or a 0 for each day of the week. So which one would be better? Bitshifting each bit into an integer and just having an integer in the database named days or should we make all of them separate boolean values so to have sunday, monday, tuesday... columns?

Note that these columns are onl

GridView: Columns.Insert() cause my data to vanish on postback, but Columns.Add() works OK?
by MikeG in Programming Languages

I have a GridView that has several dynamic columns (I do not know how many at design time and it could be 0-12 columns, hence need for dynamic columns). I have the columns in the grid and data bound to them - works great. There are other standard, design-time TemplateField columns with TextBox controls in them. These are bound with values that the user can edit. The grid is posted back via

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