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Looking for the equivalent Windows batch commands for these Linux bash commands
Category : Operating Systems

I'm new user of this forum. i want to ask my problem. what is command in windows if i have these commands in linux ?

first command :

if (!is_dir('geoip')) mkdir('geoip', 0744);
shell_exec('unzip -oj GeoLiteCity.zip -d geoip/');

Second command :

shell_exec('rm -rf geoip/');

what are those commands in windows

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How to use Selenium Grid to run some commands on the node and system commands locally
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to solve a problem and I was hoping I could do it with Selenium Grid but I'm not entirely sure that it's possible. Here's my problem...I'm developing test cases using Selenium WebDriver and I need my tests to run on a Windows machine however the AUT runs on a Linux server. I have several tools that only run on Linux and I would like to be able to run some commands/tests on the Window

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all shell-script commands in batch-commands portable?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm no linux user (yes, I'm sorry!) and a friend of mine asked me to port his shell script for linux into a batch for windows, because he wants to do the same task there to.

I haven't worked with shell-scrips before and my batch skills are, hmmm, almost not existing, but I would like to try that.

So I would like to ask if there are all shell functionalities in batch.

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JavaScript/jQuery: Running DOM commands *after* img.onload commands
Category : Web Design

I need to get the width & height of a CSS background image and inject it into document.ready javascript. Something like:

img = new Image();
img.src = "images/tester.jpg";
$('body').css('background', 'url(' + img.src + ')');
$('body').css('background-size', img.width + 'px' + img.height + 'px');

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Nagios will not run external commands such as mutt and ec2 commands
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have Nagios up and running on an Amazon EC2 instance as their custom Linux and it is monitoring several processes (both on local and remote hosts) quite well. It is running my customs scripts without any issue.

That being said it will not run mutt nor will it run the ec2 command line tools (ex. ec2-describe-instances) even though when I try to run these commands and my scripts as

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Linux commands - piping commands
Category : Network & Servers

I tried the following command find ~/dir1 *.m4a | play

Directory dir1 has exactly 1 m4a file in it and I'd like it to be played
Yet I get a usage error from play. Why?

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Is there a table comparing SQL commands with R commands?
Category : Databases

Or a list of how to do in R things you do in SQL (or vise versa) ?



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How to Use Keyboard Commands Instead of Menu Commands
Category : Computers
Many computer commands can be accomplished by using keyboard commands instead of mouse commands. Using the keyboard is a much faster method once you memorize the commands. These instructions should work for most operating systems and applications.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Mac OS 9.0
Microsoft Windows

Finding Keyboard CommandsTo find a complete list

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How can I capture the output of remote commands then issue more remote commands?
Category : Programming Languages

I am running a script where it login to a server then executes the command
"passwd -n 0 -x 99999 -i -1 debug" for removing ageing of the debug user.
If the user debug is not present then I want to create the user debug, change the password it, and then execute the above command for ageing.

How can I do?


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Map several commands to the same key in Vim
Category : Web Design

I want to map a few different functions to one key in Vim, and have them happen one after the other.

For example, I'd like to map two different functions to the enter key - one that does something if the last character of the previous line is a brace, the other that does something if the last character of the previous line is a ~. But I want these in two se

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