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PHP - Over-commenting?
by surfsatwerk in Programming Languages

I recently started working on a small CMS. I usually develop .NET applications in C#, and I'm very used to commenting my fields and methods. My friend told me earler that having comments in PHP scripts is quite bad, since PHP is dynamic and parsed when requested, so having to parse the comments will take longer.

Does this statement apply to my situation, which is commenting every

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Commenting Standards C
by asid in Web Design

I work with a team called the Solar Jackets at Georgia Tech, and we have been having a "commenting crisis". We have many members that graduate, and leave behind comment-less code. I am looking to implement a commenting standard, so that this does not happen, and I need some suggestions to make sure I have all of my bases covered.

What I want is the following functionality:

Commenting practices?
by Janko in Development Tools & Services

As a student in computer engineering I have been pressured to type up very detailed comments for everything I do. I can see this being very useful for group projects or in the work place but when you work on your own projects do you spend as much time commenting?

As a personal project I am working on grows more and more complicated I sometimes feel as though I should be commenting

Commenting out other comments with PHP?
by kamyar in PHP

Can I comment out lines which have other comments?

* comment 1
$var = 0;
* comment 2
$var2 = 2;

Is there a way to comment out all these lines together?
I often have a long function or logic and would like to comment out the rest for testing.

Commenting out whole file
by Tone in Programming Languages

Sometimes, I need to comment out a whole file. Normally, I'd just wrap the class in /* */, but that doesn't work if there's already existing comments inside the class:

class foo {
* Great documentation - but this breaks my
* whole-file-comment!
public void dooFoo() {

commenting system in PHP
by Ernest Hill in PHP

I am building a blog like application where an author creates a post and the users without registering comment on the post the comment will be displayed if and only approved by the author, the help i want is regarding the database table, i have created a table which will hold the records such as name, email, phone, location etc. i have defined a new_id as foreign key to hold the id of the news

Does anyone know the do's and don't of commenting in FireFox 3.x?
by SeaSerpent in Programming Languages

I decided to show a breaking version of what I am talking about. It is not important how it messes up the layout, only that it causes the DIV element to be null....

<!-- [ top panel ] --><div id="top_panel">
<!-- -------------------------------------- -->
<script type="text/javascript">
DB for Commenting System
by Gogonez in Databases

i wanna create a 2 level status message system. Which is the best way to create a tables ?


User sets a Status Message
Users Reply to the status message

this is a picture showing it

Tables i have created

users (id, name .... )
status_messages (id, message, time, user_id)
status_message_replies (id, message, t

PHP Commenting Standards
by acheron in Computers
PHP is an open source HTML scripting language, the code of which is run by the PHP interpreter. Comments are treated as white space and ignored the PHP interpreter when it compiles and runs the code. Programmers add comment lines to code so others know the intended function of each section of code. Comments are also a standard method to troubleshoot code. Software CodePlacing a hash or pound si

How to Allow Commenting in Adobe
by Skurge in Computers
Adobe Acrobat is a commercial Portable Document Format (PDF) writing program. In addition to creating PDF files from a variety of source material, Acrobat contains a variety of PDF editing features. One of these features is allowing Adobe Reader users to add comments or suggestions to their PDF files. Without allowing commenting for a PDF document, users of Adobe Reader may only view PDF files. En

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