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Is there a way to create a pre-commit hook that will reject the commit in case the new revision wont compile?
by doctorbigtime in Development Tools & Services

We would like to implement a policy that will force developers to commit only changes that will compile.

Is there a way to do such thing using pre-commit hook? If not, I'll be happy to hear any recommendation or workaround that will maintain the source integrity.

Post-commit hook that performs an action only if commit affects the specific path
by Micah in Development Tools & Services

In some cases it's required to perform a post-commit operation only if some condition is met.

E.g. to send an e-mail only when the committed revision affects '/tags' directory.
I've searched the web for such script sample to run in Windows environment and wasn't able to find any so I had to write it myself.

mercurial (hg) syntax equivalent of git's “^”, meaning the commit PRIOR to the specified commit
by lockdown571 in Programming Languages

In git, for a given commit X, X^ means the commit prior to X.

Is there an hg equivalent?

replay the commit history from a specific commit forward on a separate repo
by Rhoxed in Development Tools & Services

I git-svn converted an SVN repo to a git repo. It had 1000 commits. All that history is in the new git repo, and I've made an additional dozen or so commits on top of that. However, I wish I'd started fresh, with a simple git init on the working copy of the SVN repo at its 1000th commit. I have that working copy to start from, and I can git init it for a new git repo. However, I'm having troubl

hg diff -g shows different output between a merge (pre-commit) and the change log (post-commit)
by Jesse in Development Tools & Services

I am using branches in our mercurial repository and have noticed renames done in separate branches are not shown pre-commit after merging to the default branch. However after a commit when you issue the hg diff -g command it shows the rename correctly.

The following snippet shows what I mean. A new repository being created. I create a single file in default. I then crea

Is there a tool to see check-ins for all projects in Subversion by commit date and commit person
by mikieb in Programming Languages

I want to know If there are any plug-ins or tools to see the files commited to the subversion by date and committer.

we are using subversion. It will be nice, If its like a web app.

Please suggest If there are any other alternative ways to do this also.

Its for my manager. So cannot be through eclipse. :)

How to avoid developers to commit without mention the issue on commit message on Github
by NextInLine in Development Tools & Services

At the company I'm working on we've defined a tiny development process to fit our needs. Before commit, we should mention the issue on the commit comments. This will trigger some internal hooks on our CI, and will make the issue available on our beta environment for testing.

Our project is currently hosted on GitHub, and we have a well configured Jenkins CI Server too. The doubt is:

Automatically reload the message left in svn-commit.tmp when retrying a failed commit?
by BSim500 in Programming Languages


this scenario happens to me often: I try to check in with svn commit, but for some reason the commit fails (because of conflict, locked files or whatnot). My commit message gets stored in svn-commit.tmp. I fix the problem and try to check in again. I now have to enter the commit message from scratch. Wouldn't it be great if svn instead could load the

How to conditionally send svn commit email, based on commit message keywords?
by Joe in Development Tools & Services

I've got VisualSVN running with svnnotify sending notification email via post-commit (the common setup), but I'd like to not send email when certain keywords are included in the commit message, such as "#noemail" or something similar.

Anyone have an example of what I can add to my post-commit hook to look at the commit message and prevent email from being sent if certain keywords ex

post-commit-hook.bat (Windows+VisualSVN Server +Trac 0.12) close ticket from commit
by dummyadresse in Development Tools & Services

Windows + VisualSVN Server + Trac 0.12

I want, that tickets automatic close, when commit text have "close #2" (or other command, all the same)

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