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Compare two Lists of different lengths in Excel VBA if Match is found compare two other columns and Bold
by DrMrLordX in Programming Languages

I am trying to compare two different lists of Data in Excel and do a comparison on two other columns using VBA Column A in Sheet1 is not in order and can be longer or shorter than Column A in Sheet2.... If Sheet 2 Days is > Sheet 1 Days I would like to Bold Sheet1 Days. Here is a short example of the data on the two lists.

Sheet1 Sheet 2
Col A Col B Col A

“Index was outside the bounds of the array” while Compare SQL schema by SQL compare tool
by Morbo in Databases

I got one problem from comparing database schema as i use Red gate SQL Compare 6 , after initialization of the compare databases error is coming as following

"Index was outside the bounds of the array".

Please provide your valuable comments to get resolve this issue.

.NET C# switch statement string compare versus enum compare
by ganok_tor in C & C++ & C#

I'm interested in both style and performance considerations. My choice is to do either of the following ( sorry for the poor formatting but the interface for this site is not WYSIWYG ):

string value = "ALPHA";
switch ( value.ToUpper() )
case "ALPHA":
// do somthing
case "BETA":
// do something else

How to get Beyond Compare to compare data files matching columns by name, not by order
by jihe in Web Design
I have two scenarios:
Two csv files with the same number of columns, but the column order differs. The first row of the csv is a header row and indicates correctly the column names
Two csv files with some different columns, but actually most columns are present in both files. Again, the csv header row indicates column names that could be compared

In both of the above scenarios, B

I want to compare the field Node.PathCost. I can't not add them to the priority queue to compare
by pmaiorana in Programming Languages

Hi can somebody help me? i have a class Node, I want to compare the field Node.PathCost. I can't not add them to the priority queue to compare. Here is what I did:

public class Node implements Comparator<Node> {
// Node fields
String[] State = new String[2], ParentState = new String[2]; // State = current state which consist of two string:"",""

How to compare two access databases to compare database records
by Adam May in Databases

How can i compare two MS ACCESS 2007 databases.Both databases contain same tables with same feilds ad structure.i need to compare the record values between two databases to detect any difference in record values.

ACCESS 2007 Database1
serial no. | NAME | ADDRESS

How do I compare two hashes in Perl without using Data::Compare?
by Juice in Coding

How do I compare two hashes in Perl without using Data::Compare?

beyond compare new folder compare empty
by Bado in Web Design

I am trialing Beyond Compare version 3.
When I use the compare folders option and put in 2 existing non empty folders in, it shows no content? the window is empty . What am I doin wrong?

c string compare vs hash compare
by slippysoup in Programming Languages

I need to compare a string to multiple other constant strings in c. I am curious which is faster, to hash the string I am going to compare and compare it to all the other constant string hashes or just compare the strings as strings. thank you in advance

thank you for the answers I am going to be doing many comparisons. can anyone give me a good, fast, low resource intensive algorit

Is there a way to disconnect a Visual Studio 2008 Schema Compare from a database without closing the schema compare?
by Brent Robinett in Databases

Let's say I want to (using Visual Studio) run a schema comparison between two databases, restore one of them from a backup, and run the schema comparison again. The schema comparison maintains a connection to the database, and SQL Server won't let me run the restore without removing all connections. Is there a way I can force the schema comparison to disconnect without closing it?

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