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Is there an option to parse SQLCMD-variables doing a comparison in Visual-Studio schema-comparison?
by Brazil in Databases

It looks like VS Database Project does not parse SQLCMD-variables doing a schema-comparison.

All my synonyms looks like
CREATE SYNONYM [dbo].[addressesExtDB] FOR [$(ExtDB)].[dbo].[addresses]; but they keep be reported as different from the database.

When I do a schema update with the correct 'Specify SQLCMD Variabeles...'-settings where the var ExtDB

Parallel execution of datarow comparison using custom comparison class
by rajiv in Programming Languages

I'm implementing a "reconciliation" library which will allow to perform diffs between different data objects. As part of the implementation, I'm converting the objects to compare (mostly CSV files) to datatables and doing a specific steps of comparison with the last one being comparing the actual values from the rows.

For doing the row comparison I'm using the code below:

PDO_Mysql adapter - data type comparison (identical comparison)
by Dmitry in Programming Languages

I have a few problem when I use PDO_Mysql adapter with Zend.


resources.db.adapter = mysqli
resources.db.host = localhost
resources.db.dbname = myproject
resources.db.username = root
resources.db.password = 123456
resources.db.profiler.enabled = true
resources.db.profiler.class = "Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug"

How expensive is a GUID cast and comparison vs a string comparison
by David Bjornn in Programming Languages

which would be faster?

bool same=(Guid)Identifier==id;
bool same=String.Equals(string1,string2, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);

How faster Int comparison is than ByteString comparison in Haskell?
by BooTeK in Network & Servers

I'm implementing patterns mining algorithm, and usually input data are file with the following format

item1 item2 item3
item0 item3 item10
item30 item40 item30

where usually itemx is a String. To be efficient, I used to read the file with ByteString which is faster than the default String

What Kind of Comparison Is a Direct Comparison?
by Jaleel in Business
A direct comparison is a point-by-point comparison of products or services. For example, direct comparison may compare the price, set-up costs, features and extras that a product offers. FunctionDirect comparisons help consumers to make an informed choice and see at a glance whether competing products have the features they need and are within their price range.
FeaturesConsumer websites oft

make switch use === comparison not == comparison In PHP
by Keeper in PHP

Is there anyway to make it so that the following code still uses a switch and returns b not a? Thanks!

$var = 0;
switch($var) {
case NULL : return 'a'; break;
default : return 'b'; break;

Using if statements, of course, you'd do it like this:

$var = 0;
if($var === NULL) return 'a';
Qt - QtDomElement comparison, XML object comparison
by taekeun in Programming Languages

I am to compare XML files, which are available as QtDomElement objects. There is no Qt method to do so IMO.

what is most efficient way to compare XML files, using Qt ? What are alternative solutions ?

what if I more precisely want to compare QDomElement objects ?

is it a good idea to first convert QDomElement to QByteArray, and then compare QByteArray (and h

A Comparison of 5,000 BTU AC to 8,000 BTU AC
by ms-access in Home & Garden
A properly functioning air-conditioning unit often depends on the size of the area you want to cool. Air conditioners come in different sizes, with different cooling or heating capacities. The major difference in air conditioning units from one another is in their BTU output. This output determines the amount of power needed and the maximum space it can cool effectively without wasting energy.
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Comparison of N72 to N70
by coding-style in Electronics
If you're shopping for viable mobile phones that don't come with a hefty price tag, consider some of the older models that are still on the market, such as the Nokia N70 and N72 smartphones. While these phones may appear different, a closer look will prove that they are more alike than different. MemoryThe Nokia N70, which comes with 22 megabytes of included memory, and Nokia N72, which feature
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