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How to use ARC compatible files in non ARC compatible projects
by AJ. in Operating Systems

My project has dependent libraries that don't compile under the LLVM compiler, so my project is not compatible with ARC.

How can I include other third party libraries and source files that are ARC compatible in to my non-ARC project.

Thanks in advance.

What Is an HD-Compatible TV?
by NoTine42 in Electronics
Owning an HD-compatible TV without the necessary components is like owning a sports car without gas. It looks pretty, but it won't get you far. Simply buying an HD- compatible TV will not change your viewing experience, unless you purchase the required equipment associated with it. Once your HD-compatible TV is fully equipped, you can start enjoying the benefits it has to offer, including greater
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Is SDR Compatible With DDR?
by Aires in Computers
Single data rate RAM, abbreviated SDR, is an older, slower style of RAM that was used in motherboards before 2001. This simpler design of RAM can only accept one command per clock cycle, which is usually set around 100 Mhz. The faster upgrade, dual data rate RAM, abbreviated DDR, can handle two commands per clock cycle, which effectively doubles the speed of data processing. This means that, in a
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Is Boo 100% C# compatible?
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in C & C++ & C#

Boo seems like a very cool language. Is it 100% C# compatible? I mean: can I use any C# DLL/class? Could I make use of the XNA framework?

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How to set compatible iOS
by David Marchant in Mobile Programming

We found that your app crashed on iPhone 4 running iOS 6, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.
Application is crashing on launch.
What is the solution to solve this issue...?
Can I set the iOS compatibility at the time of deploying app on iTunesConnect.

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How to Know Whether You're Really Compatible
by Ian McKellar in Relationships & Family
You can measure compatibility in a relationship by many factors. If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, you need to do some tough work before saying "I do." These steps can guide you through some of the most difficult work and help you know you're sure of your decision.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open up and ask for some outside perspective from loved ones around you. Other people se

How to Know if GPU Is Compatible
by miceno in Computers
Software applications that display complex graphics require specific display hardware to function quickly and properly. Higher-resolution textures in a program will require more graphics memory, and advanced lighting and shader techniques require the hardware to have the power and compatibility to read and display the instructions. This is why there are a set of system requirements listed with eac
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How to Tell if Your TV Is HD Compatible or Not
by LukeG in Electronics
In television terms, "HD" stands for "High Definition." High-definition television is of a vastly higher resolution than standard-definition television. As a result, the HD picture looks far clearer, sharper and more natural than SD can ever hope to deliver. If you have an older TV or have just purchased a new TV and want to know if it is capable of displaying true high-definit

How to Know If Someone Is Compatible With You
by sirjoekcb in Relationships & Family
To be compatible with someone means to be able to function well with that person. In love and marriage relationships, compatibility is crucial for the survival of the partnership. While some may say that opposites attract, that's not always the best scenario. Here's how to find compatibility.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Think about characteristics you share. Opposite personalities oft

BMW Compatible Phones
by JulianCT in Electronics
BMW's integrated Bluetooth hands-free calling option can tie a built-in microphone and your car's stereo speakers to your mobile phone so you can safely receive and place calls while you drive. BMW has provided a list of phones that have passed compatibility tests, but even if your phone doesn't appear on the list, it still might work -- you won't know until you try. However, not all Bluetooth-equ

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