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google app engine task queue don't complete in production but complete in devserver
by turret in Web Design

when running some google app engine tasks on dev server it completes with 200 status, but when deploying and running the same task on production the task don't get executed completely and get retrying until it use all retry count.

I think this may be something with task timeout, and increasing it may fix my problem but can't figure out how to do so!!!

BTW i used

load doesn't trigger ajaxSetup complete handler on complete
by scott.sizemore in Web Design

I have

// Ajax setup
beforeSend: function() {
$('#general-ajax-load ').fadeIn();
complete: function() {
$('#general-ajax-load ').fadeOut();

on page load to set loading animation for all my ajax calls. It works perfect, except for load() calls. For loads only beforeSend is triggered, and co

How do I update an div css to display an complete image when section is complete?
by waggy in Programming Languages

Using MVC 3

I have a questionaire that has three sections. The page that contains the questionaire has a "next","previous" and "save" button? When I click any of these buttons I want an ajax call to an Actioncontroller called "Question/SectionComplete" if it returns true I want to update menu div with the css that displays complete icon.
Can anyone help get started with sample

how to complete back end for auto complete jquery
by SpunkyJones in Programming Languages

I have a text box,
Inside I want it to auto complete.
The data for the auto complete is going to be given through the database.

This is my Jquery:

var data = "autocompletetagdata.aspx"
source: data
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
return "['word', 'hello', 'work'

I am fetching the collection from server once the save is complete. But as fetch is async the view is rendering before fetch is complete
by Michael in Programming Languages

I am calling a fetch on a collection and inside its success methods fetching another collection. Once its done I am adding both the collections and rendering to the view. After I save a new item in the view, it saves in the db and after save is complete I am calling the methods that does fetching. All I want to do is to render the updated collection which now should include a newly crated model

Get complete (ALL, complete) Feed of my profile with API
by dfrolov in Development Tools & Services

i want see all my last activity in Facebook with API. I want make a timeline with all, all, all action that i maked in facebook, like history timeline.
I tried in JS and PHP with feed, but no there are all, dont show things like my last comments, or my last likeds

$user_profile = $facebook->api('/me/feed');


neocomplecache&clang complete installed: code complete work for cpp file, whereas doesn't for c file
by MovingSpotlight in Development Tools & Services

I have installed the vim plugin neocomplecache and clang complete and the patch of them named neocomplecache_clang_complete.

Also, I installed the clang to make clang complete works.

A pure c file named: test.c

typedef struct student
int age;
char name[20];
int main()
Stu Kevin;
grails jquery auto complete selected ID for another secondary auto complete function
by Ferzerp in Programming Languages

I have been following the guide from Alidad's blog to enable jquery auto completion within grails:



package rentspace
class Country {
String name
static hasMany = [cities:City]



If a problem X (decision problem) is known to be NP-Complete, and proven to be reduced to problem Y, can you then say problem Y is NP-Complete?
by john in Web Design

If a problem X (decision problem) is known to be NP-Complete, and proven to be reduced to problem Y in polynomialtime, can you then say problem Y is NP-Complete?

My first thought was, no, problem Y needs to be shown that it is in NP. But after further thought, if X is reduced to Y, Y is already considered to be NP-Complete. Now I'm just confused...any help would be appreciated.

.ajax() call won't complete until previous .ajax() call is complete?
by dlouzan in Programming Languages

So, i'm working on a progress bar for a CSV processing script. dnc_scrubber.php goes through the CSV and checks a phone number against a database, returning matched and unmatched data in separate files. lines.php returns the total amount of lines to be processed while progress.php returns how many lines have been worked through. I use these two numbers


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