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Inheriting component attributes in a composite component which extends an existing JSF component
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

I wish to extend the following element:

<h:commandButton action="#{menuController.xyz}" value="xyz"
image="images/buttons/xyz.png" alt="xyz".....[more attributes]..../>

to include code to produce a depressed button:

<h:commandButton action="#{menuController.xyz}" value="xyz"
image="images/buttons/xyz.png" alt="xyz

How to call a function in a child component in: a) another child component b) parent component and vice versa?
by Octopuss in Programming Languages

Here is my first question on this awesome website.

I have a parent component, say P, which has function, say Pfunc. I also have two child components, say C1 and C2, and their respective function, say C1func and C2func.

How to call any function from any component?

Error in previewing the Component after adding Enable Inline Editing to Component Template
by Ivan Maček in Web Design

I am enabling SiteEdit 2009 for the Component in Dreamweaver TBB in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1.

Content XML:

<CCC>Title 1</CCC>
<DDD>Name 1</DDD>
<CCC>Title 2</CCC>

Enabling inline editing with SiteEdit/TridionUI 2012 on a component that has Component Links
by Phil Austin in Web Design

In Tridion 2011 ( with UI 2012) I have a component with a field that is a list of Component Links. I'd like to enable inline editing on one of the fields that is being brought in via the Component Link. Is this possible?

I was able to enable inline editing for other non-Component Link fields, but the CL's seem to be an issue. I first tried the tcdl syntax, but that did not genera

Make a custom component or extend the List component for a 2D top down view MAP in flex 4?
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Programming Languages


I'm building a top view 2D map, that it's objects are stored on the server.

The kind of objects are 10 and might be a photo, label, button, lists, mix of them or labels with tooltips.

The component must request the "areas" that are missing on screen.
An area is 1000x1000 px and is cached in flex.

To move in the map, will be like in google

How to validate an input text component based on the value of a radio button component
by Tom Arleth in Programming Languages

I am trying to validate an input text component based on the value of a radio button component, however it throws a NullPointerException and I don't understand why.

Here's the view:

<h:form id="formId">
<p:inputText validator="#{searchBean.validate}" id="name"
required="true" requiredMessage="should contain only characters"&

ext js 4 observable pattern doesn't work when extend component from custom component
by Timothy in Web Design

I am new in ext js.
I have a base component,which is extended by other components. Here its code:

Ext.define('ME.view.portal.portalItems.base.Map', {
resize:function (c, w, h, oldW, oldH) {
if (!oldW || !

Compiling .NET component that uses a non specific required version of a 3rd Party Vendor component
by Enar in Programming Languages

If someone were to develop a .NET component that relied on non specific versions of a vendor DLL - let's say it worked with My3rdPartyComponent.dll which is a .NET assembly, but it didn't matter which version.

Some instances of classes found in this component would need to be passed into my component. Developers would reference my component dll but not have access to the source cod

Java: Handling event on component inside a separate JPanel component
by kiirpi in Programming Languages

So I have a JFrame which I've added a custom JPanel component.

The JPanel component has a button that I want to attach a listener to in my JFrame.

What is the best way to do this?

ActiveX component cannot be created for COM component in release mode (VS2010 specific)
by Taylon Silmer in Programming Languages

I have an ATL COM component(.exe) (VC++ ) in VS2008. Through VB6 client, i use CreateObject and get the object.

But once the component is updated to VS2010 SP1, the VB6 client no longer is able to create the COM object.

If I compile the VS2010 COM component in debug mode and get the .exe, VB6 client is working fine.
In release mode, .exe is generated without any e

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