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Access fields in a template of components inside components inside components
by kodeninja in Web Design

I've a problem here. The structure that I have at the moment is:

FieldA1 - textField
CombonentsB - componentLink (multi-value)
FieldB1 - textField
ComponentC - componentLink
FieldC1 - textField

Now I am trying to place ComponentA with Template on a page.
I am using DWT Templating.

Flex Dynamically Created Components Added to Custom Components
by vb.net in Web Design

I am created a dynamically adding a VBox, that contains two images. Into a Custom Component that is derived from UIComponent. The problem is the Vbox that contains the two image is only a really tiny size. I would like the VBox stretch to the size of the two images.

This is how I am creating the Vbox....

var open:Image = new Image();
open.source = 'assets/icons/o

Custom components vs default components in GUI Design. Which is more practical? (.NET)
by yodude7 in Programming Languages

Ok, so is it better to create my own components (Either inherit them from existing ones or creating them from scratch) or to use the ones that come by default?

I'm asking this under the umbrella of scalability, overhead and other factors that my contribute on each of the choices.

UPDATE: Sorry if I'm to vague. I don't really know how to explain myself better. Isn't it a

Changing HTML components to Standard components
by cmdrdredd in Programming Languages

I created a MVC-3 application (Once we create it we are given a login screen which is already developed). And it has used HTML components found in the toolbox to create text boxes, labels etc. But i want to use standard components found in the toolbox. How can i replace these HTML components with the standard components.

When the user clicks on the Login button, the username and pas

Components in a BoxLayout move when some of the components resize
by RomanMtz in Programming Languages
public class LabelResizing2 {
public static JPanel createSliderPanel(
int min, int max, int curr)
/*outer panel*/
final JPanel panel = new JPanel();
panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(panel, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
final JLabel

Customize where components within the composite components will be placed in the webpage
by BHZ-GTR in Programming Languages

Is it possible to specify where the components within a composite component will be displayed on your webpage?

I have a composite component with a label and a textbox in it. I would like to know if I can specify to have the label be displayed on a div with id "label" and the textbox will be displayed inside another div with id "componentsContainer".

apply for loop within list components in r and binding list components in r
by cakephp in Programming Languages

The following is sample data and part of function I have trouble with.

# data
Gr1 <- data.frame (group = rep(1:2, each = 2001),
position = round (c(0, cumsum (rnorm (2000, 0.05, 0.08)), 0,
cumsum (rnorm (2000, 0.05, 0.08)))))
Gr2 <- data.frame (group = rep(1:2, each = 2001),
position = round (c(0, cumsum (rnorm (2000, 0.05, 0.08)), 0,

alignment of components using adf components
by codelurker in Programming Languages

How can I align the different components equi-spaced using adf components?


label : drop down
label : drop down
label : drop down

Is there any component available in adf such that I just have to put the output text and drop down in the tags and it will be aligned equi spaced properly?

Get components of a components object?
by godihatework in Programming Languages

Im trying to write the following just for my interest:

public void enableComponents(boolean enable) {
Component[] components = getContentPane().getComponents();
for (int i = 0; i < components.length; ++i) {
// [...]

In the "Component[]" array can e.g. also a JPanel that contai

Components of a PDA
by Estonia in Electronics
Personal digital assistants, more commonly known as PDAs, were originally created as handheld personal organizers. As technology has evolved, these devices have grown to include many other components such as telephone service, Internet capabilities and even equipped keyboards. While there are many different models of PDAs, they all contain similar components. Organizational ToolsPersonal digita
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