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Parallelizeable jpeg like compression using only DCT, run length encoding stages, what sort of compression/performance possible?
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We have to compress a ton o' (monochrome) image data and move it quickly. If one were to just use the parallelizeable stages of jpeg compression (DCT and run length encoding of the quantized results) and run it on a GPU so each block is compressed in parallel I am hoping that would be very fast and still yeild a very significant compression factor like full jpeg does.

Does anyone wi

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I'm attempting to force gzip compression on a page using GZipStream but the browser says I'm using unsupported compression
Category : Programming Languages

I'm tring to implement what Steve Souders discusses http://www.stevesouders.com/blog/2010/07/12/velocity-forcing-gzip-compression/ about forcing gzip compression

I've got a module that's running this:

void context_PreSendRequestHeaders(object sender, EventArgs e)
var app = sender as HttpApplication;
var request = app.Request;
var resp

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InnoDB row format compression, MySQL compression or gzuncompress?
Category : Programming Languages

Our App requires archiving of relatively large JSON objects.

Although these JSON objects do not require querying (which is part of the reason we have not option for a NoSQL solution) they do require reading frequently.

I would like to know which compression method or combination is the most desirable and performant, and why.

I have set up the new InnoDB row

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Is Snappy compression appropriate for Mochiweb, HTTP compression?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am using Snappy (https://github.com/fdmanana/snappy-erlang-nif) as a zlib replacement for HTTP compression on a Mochiweb application.

While Snappy works in general for me, and zlib works fine for compressing responses before sending them out, using Snappy as a zlib replacement results in client-browsers garbling the response.

Does Snappy encode into utf-8 charset?

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Data Compression and Image Compression
Category : Web Design

Is there any difference between data compression and image compression when compressing JPEG images?

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How to Calculate Compression in Compression Socks
Category : Health
Compression socks are specially designed to treat symptoms related to varicose veins. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that do not properly circulate blood and generally cause pain and weakness. Wearing compressions socks helps blood circulation in the legs and relieves painful swelling and aching. Compression socks are available in various levels of compression depending on the severity of the

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Fractal image compression and image compression in Office and similar programs
Category : Programming Languages

I have read that fractal image compression can be capable of reconstructing images, and then reconstruct them in any scale.

I have seen that programs like Word (97, 2000) can include images which seem to be as small or smaller than the original one, if "special paste" is used, and that the image can be resized.

Is it possible that Word 97/2000 (and other programs, like m

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GIF LZW compression in C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

I'm currently working on a self-teaching exercise in programming in C# to make an image decoder, I've produced several working solutions and so I thought I should tackle GIFs before I moved on to the more complex PNG and JPEG formats. My problem is that I'm really struggling to get my head round coming up with an actual solution to decompressing the LZW sub-blocks. I am just struggling to work

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LZW Compression In Lua
Category : Development Tools & Services

Here is the Pseudocode for Lempel-Ziv-Welch Compression.

pattern = get input character
while ( not end-of-file ) {
K = get input character
if ( <<pattern, K>> is NOT in
the string table ){
output the code for pattern
add <<pattern, K>> to the string table
pattern = K
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Can I use Compression in WCF?
Category : Web Design

we hosted WCF services in IIS 5.1 wndows xp sp3 with httpBasicBinding.
The data tranferered is huge in size and transfered every 1 minute.

For this to less data transfer Is it possible to compress the response of WCF service by using default http compression ? Can I have some sample code / article for using http comression in WCF?

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