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Reading after “Java Concurrency In Practice” for more concurrency examples?
by Jpark in Development Tools & Services

Many people at SO adviced to dive into Java concurrency by reading Java Concurrency in Practice (JCIP), sometimes Doug Lea's book of 1999 is mentioned as well:


After reading JCIP, still feel

anyway see why I get this “Concurrency Violation” in these few lines of code??? Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the
by amosk in Programming Languages

Here is the code, any ideas why I get this error?

private SQLiteDataAdapter DA_Webfiles;
// Setup connection, fill dataset etc
DataTable dt = this.dataSet.Tables["WEBFILES"];
DataRow newRow = dt.NewRow();
newRow["PATH"] = _url;
this.DA_Webfiles.Update(this.dataSet, "WEBFILES");
// Works to Here
newRow["CONTENT_TYPE"] =

PHP and Concurrency
by youtube-api in Databases

I've been doing some web development work in PHP recently which has led me to study up on the language in general. So far I have not needed to use it to interact with a database, but I know it provides a lot of convenient functions for doing so.

Although I know basic SQL and have worked with basic manipulation of data in a database, I don't understand how web developers who base the

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JPA under concurrency
by gorcorps in Databases

my application connect postgres DB using hibernate JPA, if i have only 1 thread to write data to DB, it takes forever to finish the writing, then i use 10 threads, it cause deadlock problem in DB. shouldn't the JPA handle the thread control automatically?

here is my hibernate configurations:


<bean id="entityManagerFactory" cla

ASP.NET concurrency
by phokus in Programming Languages

Suppose I have a.aspx and b.aspx both with a function f.

I also have an object instance, o, that is held in Session.

Each client has ajax scripts that call a.f and b.f asynchronously.

a.f calls o.ReadData

b.f calls o.ReadData

Object, o, maintains one open file handle, from instatiation, until it is disposed.

Are there any c

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concurrency in PHP
by boomhower in PHP

I'm at a point in my PHP server-side API where I am making lots of MySQL queries and I'd like to speed it up by having mutliple threads working on different queries and then return the results.

But how do I make another thread in PHP? I am passing around POST params, so a simple shell_exec() could work, but seems kinda of unsafe. Options I'm considering:


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C++ and concurrency
by Maine in Development Tools & Services

I have to design an app that reads UDP data off the local net and stores the data in a Current Value Table (CVT). Then, a seperate thread will come along and read the values out of the CVT, massage them, and send them out over UDP. CVT entries will consist of invidual scalars like floats and ints. My question is, how much mutual exclusion do I need to protect updating/reading from the CVT?

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Concurrency in web applications
by Pedro Varela in Network & Servers

So recently there has been a lot of emphasis by almost all platform providers to provide new tools/language constructs for better concurrency. And that is also one of the reasons why a lot of ideas from functional programming languages are being integrated into mainstream languages like C#, Java etc.

Even though these make a lot of sense today specially with the introduction of mult

Concurrency in Pthread
by rpanic in Programming Languages

I have a c program running in Linux kernel 2.6.18-194, server has 1 cpu socket with 6 cores with hyper-threading , thread1 receive data and then thread2 and thread3 pass the data thread1 received to another process , after both thread2 and thread3 successfully finish passing data , thread1 will receive data again !!

The floowing is thread1 source :


Concurrency in sqlalchemy
by malbojah in Programming Languages

I'm currently developing an application which connects to a database using sqlalchemy. The idea consists of having several instances of the application running in different computers using the same database. I want to be able to see changes in the database in all instances of the application once they are commited. I'm currently using sqlalchemy event interface, however it's not working when I

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