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Eiffel: loosening the pre-conditions and tightening the post-conditions?
by massmedia in Development Tools & Services

In Eiffel it is said that we should "loosen the pre-conditions and tightening the post-conditions", but I am not sure what this means. How does this benefit/is benefited by sub-classing?

Thank you

difference between if/else conditions and template match conditions
by Dan Ingraham in Network & Servers

Going back to the basics, I would like to know in detail the significance of the below code over the latter .. or vice versa ..

Code sample1:

<xsl:template match="Gender">
<xsl:if test=".='M'">
<xsl:if test=".='F'">

Dynamic linq query with dynamic where conditions and from conditions
by Alexander Schuc in Coding
public GetApplicants(string Office,
int Id,
List<int> cfrparts,
List<int> expertiseAreaIds,
List<int> authIds,
List<int> specIds)
bool isAuthIdsNull = authIds == null;
authIds = authI

if not conditions in R?
by javascript in Development Tools & Services

is there anything like "if not" conditions in R?

easy Example (not working):

fun <- function(x)
if (!x > 0) {print ("not bigger than zero")}

Best wishes

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Ant conditions - which comes first 'if' or 'unless'
by mikko in Web Design


If an ant target uses both if and unless, which is evaluated first?


What comes first, the chicken or the egg? . . .

<target name="prepare" if="chicken" unless="egg" >
<echo>Dinner time. Chicken is served!</echo>

Would ant evaluate the chicken property first?

Conditions in XSD :
by ThF in Programming Languages

I have two element in my XSD file:

<element name="accountnumber" type="" />
<element name="accounttype" type="" />

There are two types of account: 1) Saving 2) Current

The format of account number should be different for Saving and Current account type.

How can I achieve that in XSD? Is it possible to write ifs in XSD.

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Conditions in CSS
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

I've a test.css file with the following styles:

font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;

For IE the attribute width:100%; is necess

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php. if conditions
by gorcorps in Development Tools & Services

This seems simple but I don't know why it doe snot work.

I need to write an if statement that

first, checks if it is numeric
second, if it is not between 1 and 10, issue errorA
third, if it is not between 20 and 30, issue errorB
fourth, it is not a number, issue errorC

If is not numeric and satisfies all the ranges, added to

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Help with conditions
by Tanclearas in Programming Languages

What am I doing wrong here??

features = WidgetFeature.all(:conditions => {:widget_id=>params[:id], :children_features=>nil, :filterable => true" })

I want to find all those features where widget_id = params[:id] AND children_features IS NIL AND filterable IS TRUE

Can you use if/else conditions in CSS?
by the vk in Web Design

I would like to use conditions in my CSS.

The idea is that I have a variable that I replace when the site is run to generate the right style-sheet.

I want it so that according to this variable the style-sheet changes!

It looks like:

[if {var} eq 2 ]
background-position : 150px 8px;
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