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Eiffel: loosening the pre-conditions and tightening the post-conditions?
Category : Development Tools & Services

In Eiffel it is said that we should "loosen the pre-conditions and tightening the post-conditions", but I am not sure what this means. How does this benefit/is benefited by sub-classing?

Thank you

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difference between if/else conditions and template match conditions
Category : Network & Servers

Going back to the basics, I would like to know in detail the significance of the below code over the latter .. or vice versa ..

Code sample1:

<xsl:template match="Gender">
<xsl:if test=".='M'">
<xsl:if test=".='F'">

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Dynamic linq query with dynamic where conditions and from conditions
Category : Coding
public GetApplicants(string Office,
int Id,
List<int> cfrparts,
List<int> expertiseAreaIds,
List<int> authIds,
List<int> specIds)
bool isAuthIdsNull = authIds == null;
authIds = authI

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Can you use if/else conditions in CSS?
Category : Web Design

I would like to use conditions in my CSS.

The idea is that I have a variable that I replace when the site is run to generate the right style-sheet.

I want it so that according to this variable the style-sheet changes!

It looks like:

[if {var} eq 2 ]
background-position : 150px 8px;

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if not conditions in R?
Category : Development Tools & Services

is there anything like "if not" conditions in R?

easy Example (not working):

fun <- function(x)
if (!x > 0) {print ("not bigger than zero")}

Best wishes

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Ant conditions - which comes first 'if' or 'unless'
Category : Web Design


If an ant target uses both if and unless, which is evaluated first?


What comes first, the chicken or the egg? . . .

<target name="prepare" if="chicken" unless="egg" >
<echo>Dinner time. Chicken is served!</echo>

Would ant evaluate the chicken property first?

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Help with conditions
Category : Programming Languages

What am I doing wrong here??

features = WidgetFeature.all(:conditions => {:widget_id=>params[:id], :children_features=>nil, :filterable => true" })

I want to find all those features where widget_id = params[:id] AND children_features IS NIL AND filterable IS TRUE

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php. if conditions
Category : Development Tools & Services

This seems simple but I don't know why it doe snot work.

I need to write an if statement that

first, checks if it is numeric
second, if it is not between 1 and 10, issue errorA
third, if it is not between 20 and 30, issue errorB
fourth, it is not a number, issue errorC

If is not numeric and satisfies all the ranges, added to

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Conditions in CSS
Category : Programming Languages

I've a test.css file with the following styles:

font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;

For IE the attribute width:100%; is necess

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conditions in css fle?
Category : Programming Languages

Part of my css file:

#accordion1 .slide_handle {

Shows a accordion with text writen in handles.1.png. I am developing the site in 4 languages. How can I change the png file based o

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